8 Healthy Tips to Have a Healthy Beard

beard growthA beard is a matter of pride for most men. Having a thick beard is a sign of masculinity. If a boy or man doesn’t have such a thick beard he may feel embarrassed and depressed. But just like the growth and thickness of your hair on head depends on your health, the growth of your beard too depends on your health. If you are healthy, eat healthy and have a healthy lifestyle, you can have a thick, shiny, stylish beard. Here are tips to have a healthy beard.

1. Have a Good Night’s Sleep


Make sure you take a good night’s sleep because during sleep your damaged skin cells are repaired and such a healthy skin can generate more beard hair.


2. Include Vitamins in Your Diet


There are certain vitamins and minerals that speed up the growth of facial hair. These are vitamins A, B, C and E. So, you should include them in your diet. Raw vegetables, fruits, dairy, fish and nuts have ample stores of vitamins and minerals.


3. Keep Your Skin Clean


Clean skin can grow hair efficiently. If your skin is covered with a thin film of oil and dirt, it won’t get the essential oxygen to remain productive. Wash skin with a mild cleanser and warm water every morning and night; however, remember never to scrub it.


4. Use Good Beard Oil


A good beard growth oil can help your beard grow. If the oil is 100% natural and has proven results, you can try it because it will nourish your hair roots and promote their cell proliferation with its proven formula.


5. Quit or Reduce Smoking


Smoking causes hair loss as one of its worst side effects. Nicotine in tobacco hampers your body’s capability of absorbing nutrients required for hair growth and slows down blood circulation by narrowing blood vessels. So, if you want a thick beard, quit smoking or at least reduce it.


6. Manage Stress


Stress is one of the prime causes of hair loss. So, if you tend to get stressed a lot, learn to manage stress with yoga and meditation.


7. Increase Protein Intake


Hair is primarily made of proteins. If your diet lacks in or has less amount of protein, your hair growth will be certainly affected. Include eggs, fish, beans and nuts in your diet.


8. Exfoliate


Exfoliating will help in removing dead skin cells and thereby promote hair growth. Therefore exfoliate once a week.

All in all, maintaining a healthy and wholesome diet is a main requirement for having a healthy beard. Also, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight and your good health will reflect in a good beard.