Side Effects Of Ambien

Ambien is a commonly used drug for insomnia or sleep disturbance. It contains a drug named Zolpidem, classified as a sedative or a hypnotic. Though it has some similarities with another class of drugs named benzodiazepines, it does not share some of its effects like muscle-relaxation and anti-seizure properties and selectively acts as a sedative. Therefore, it is primarily used for insomnia. FDA has approved zolpidem. Its popularity lies in its short onset of action. It acts merely within half an hour. The medicine is available as an oral spray, along with tablet form. The oral spray is faster acting, because it is absorbed rapidly through the lining of the mouth.

Ambien side effects that occur commonly are dizziness, drowsiness and a feeling of being drugged. Side effects like confusion, euphoria, insomnia, problems in balancing (ataxia), and visual alterations are also seen.

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