Lemon Juice for HIV and Cancer

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Lemon Juice Sometimes considered as an irrelevant, embittering fruit, lemon has been recovering the place it used to occupy as a natural medicine since the oldest times in China and India, where is still used as a potent antidote against lots of poisons, beside many other purposes in the Ayurveda Medicine.

Much more recently, Professor Roger Short, from UNAIDS´ LemonAIDS team, had killed HIV viruses with lemon juice in a laboratory. This discovery has opened a new, unexpected way to confront the fatal illness.

Besides citric acid present in lemon, which cause a very low, acidic pH (2-3) incompatible with live of microbes, this fruit has also vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9 as well as an amazing group of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.

A liver performing at its highest level is the best health insurance anyone could dream. This brunette, silky organ is the center piece of the whole immunological system, as its production of antihistamines and other natural biochemical substances permits the body to be preserved against any virus and bacteria, as well as offset a bunch of dangerous substances which even cause cancer.

Therefore a liver full-up with toxins, functional residues and some other metabolites from medicine consumption could not protect our health the way it is supposed to do. Keeping a healthy liver should be a must for all of us, especially for cancer patients and HIV.

Now has been discovered that a mixture of lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil, on a daily basis, is an effective natural mode to restore liver functions and enhance its immunological abilities. By detoxifying the liver, flushing the gallbladder, dragging toxins as heavy metals, stabilizing bile production, rising lymphatic flow, diminishing biliruben levels and even reestablishing pH in the blood and saliva, drinking this remedy seems to be a real miracle for both the healthy and the unwell.

In addition, the mentioned beverage, based on extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice has another amazing property. As it is well known, the immune system is basically structured in two elements, called TH1 and TH2.

They usually balance amid, so when TH1 is burly, TH2 de-escalates. As Mark Konlee describes in his essay How to Reverse Immune Dysfunction, the mixture of lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil manages to make alike the immunological action of both TH1 and TH2, bringing invaluable help in the general wellbeing as well as improving the natural means to fight conditions like cancer and HIV, among many other illness.

Another therapeutic effect of the lemon juice for the patients with cancer consists in its alkalifying effect. When Lemon juice is drunk on a regular basis, increases the pH level up to 7 or more, permitting a better oxygenation of blood and this way making difficult for cancer cells to develop or keep growing.

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