Naturopathy – the Safest Way to Remain Healthy Always

natural medicinesDo you believe that for everyday ailments like common cold, flu, small wounds, aches and pains, we should not expose our body to chemicals in high tech allopathic medicines, so as to keep it free from toxins? If you believe this, let me tell you about naturopathy. This is the safest branch of medicines that uses only substance occurring in nature and therefore suits our bodies well.

Traditional and Time-honored

Natural medicines have been traditionally used by our ancestors and so, are time-honored. They have got a definite base of science which even modern doctors agree and approve. The best thing about natural medicines is that as they are produced by nature, and so, work best for our body, when used for particular ailments. Thus, for day-to-day common ailments we can use natural medicines and keep ourselves safe from the hazard of chemicals. According to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP), Naturopathy is a unique system of primary healthcare, a science, philosophy, art and practice of diagnosing, treating and preventing illnesses. The curriculum of naturopathy contains natural therapeutics, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicines, exercise therapy, physical medicine, hydrotherapy and lifestyle counseling, along with standard medical curriculum.


Principles of Naturopathy

Some of the key principles of naturopathy are:

Nature’s Healing Power: Our body is a part of nature and so, has a natural power to restore and maintain health. Naturopath experts boost this healing power by removing any hurdles in the way of cure and that is their line of treatment.

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Treating the Cause: Rather than treating symptoms, naturopathic physicians aim at treating the cause of the disease. Managing symptoms is important; however, it’s also important not to ignore the underlying cause of the ailment.

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No Adverse Effects: Naturopathy is aimed at using medicines that cannot cause any adverse effects. Also, naturopaths do a conscious effort to use methods that won’t suppress symptoms.

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Teaching Patients: Unlike allopathic medicines, natural medicines are available around you and so, a naturopathic physician can just teach her/his patients what and how to use a medicine effectively. S/he need not be present physically with the patient. In short, s/he can teach patients the medicines and treatments so that patients can do the treatment themselves too.

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Treating the Entire Person: A Naturopathic physician aims at treating the person as a whole and not just the ailing body part. The main aim of naturopathy is to find the basic cause of disease which may be in the patient’s lifestyle, eating habits, working schedules, etc and so, naturopaths believe in rectifying everything that becomes the root cause of a disease.

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