Medication-related Problems in the Elderly – Some Solutions

Elderly patientMedication-related problems (MRPs) are a big concern in elderly patients. What are these problems and why are they caused? Studies of the US population show that elderly make only 13% of the population, but 34% of prescription medications are consumed by them. Studies also show that this percentage is going to increase drastically over the coming 30 years, making it necessary to focus on geriatric medication problems more and ensure optimal care of the health of the elderly. Fortunately research has also shown that a great number of professional caregivers can help elderly patients in medication management. They can even take advantage of CeyHello, the best Alzheimer’s app  of which we’ll talk later. First we’ll see what medication-related problems are faced by elderly patients.

New Medication Needed: This problem can occur when the patient has reached a stage of a disease where s/he needs the old medications changed or new medications added. Especially when the patient experiences pain and depression which usually remains untreated, it’s a symptom of this problem.

Unnecessary Medication: This condition occurs when the patient keeps taking a medication which is actually not needed for her/his condition.

Wrong Medication: This occurs when the patient has been prescribed a wrong medication or the patient is taking such a wrong medication by mistake.

Too Low Dose: This happens when too low dose of the medication is taken by the patient. This causes no desired benefit of the medication.

Too High Dose: This occurs when the patient is taking too much of the medication. This can sometimes cause serious consequences.

No Medication At All: This happens when the patient is not taking medication at all. This may happen due to forgetfulness or high cost of medication.

Adverse Reactions: This occurs when the patient takes medication which is actually unsafe for her/him.

As you can see majority of the above MRPs occur because of age-related forgetfulness of elderly patients.

Why CeyHello?

CeyHello is a medication management app which reminds patients of medication in a unique way and it is through moticons. Moticons which are fun photos or film clips which bring smile to your patient’s face and motivate them to take medication. More than 45 moticons are free and you too can add your own creations, like patient’s grandchild or her/his favorite actor, politician or any other celebrity. This will definitely bring a moment of joy in their lonely life and they can be saved from MRPs like high, low or no doses, unnecessary or wrong medications etc.

Personalized Moticon on CeyHello

CeyHello also features a Care Circle through which patient’s healthcare provider, caregiver, pharmacist and loved ones can communicate to them regularly and see if they are taking medications properly and whether they need to change the medications or ensure that they are not taking wrong medications, so as not to face a MRP like wrong medication or unnecessary medication.

CeyHello is available on both – Android as well as iPhone. So, download it now and help your loved ones in medication adherence to save them from medication-related problems.

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