5 Incredible Benefits of a Massage Chair

EP 30004 massage chairAs recommended by the American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society, massage is an effective method to ease pain. Expert massage therapists use particular techniques to work on sore, strained muscles. But what if you don’t have an access to such a massage therapist? Here a massage chair steps in. The biggest benefit of a massage chair is you can have massage without the help of other person any time at your home.

If you have an injury like a strained back or pulled muscle, treatment may include pain relieving medications, applying ice and avoiding strenuous activities for a few days. Continuous pain may indicate a health condition like cervical disc problem or arthritis which should be examined by a physician. Treatment in such a case may include massage to relieve pain and muscle spasm.

Massage helps to pacify aching muscles, relieves tension and relaxes the body. Some types of massage are also known to provide benefits like improvement in digestion, relief in headaches, improvement in immunity, stimulation in circulation and control of minor depression.

Here are top 5 benefits of a massage chair.

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1. Alignment of Spine and Reduction of Pressure on Nerves


A best massage chair lessens pressure on the spine by supporting the back horizontally. Major nerves pass through vertebrae to peripheral parts of the body including hands, fingers, feet and toes. Misaligned vertebrae can compress these nerves. If the muscles supporting vertebrae are relaxed, the vertebrae take their natural alignment up again and the spine lengthens. When compressed nerves are relieved from pressure, nerve impulses pass through the spinal column easily to the extremities.


2. Relaxation of Muscles and Maintaining Good Posture


A massage chair targets particular muscles and use many types of strokes to alleviate pain. With the relaxation of muscles, imbalance is rectified. Relaxed muscles increase body’s mobility. Body’s natural tendency to reduce pain is to use another set of muscles. This places an unnecessary stress on the nearby muscles and ligaments. For example, a painful hip may make someone sit on the other hip to reduce pressure on the sore side. This makes the muscles along the lower spine bear weight unevenly. Shoulder or neck muscles may become misaligned and thereby strained. In such a condition, a session in a massage chair makes many people feel that their posture has improved along with balance.

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3. Stress Relief


Stress not only affects us mentally, but physically too. It may cause poor appetite, sleeplessness and high blood pressure. Reducing stress lessens levels of cortisone in the blood, which helps normalize blood pressure. A massage chair reduces stress.


4. Improvement in Circulation


Increased circulation of blood and plasma ensures the supply of all the required nutrition and other necessary materials to every cell in the body and removal of toxins from them which in turn brings about faster healing. Because of constricted, strained muscles, blood flow is constricted and cannot reach all the cells in the body. By relaxing muscles through the massage chair, you can ensure a proper blood flow to each and every tissue, cell and organ in the body. By reports from the Mayo Clinic, some studies have proved that immune system is strengthened by massage.

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5. Stimulation of Secretion of Endorphins


Endorphins are neurotransmitters that reduce the sense of pain and lower the effects of stress. These neurotransmitters generate a feeling of well-being and improve immune response. It has been proved that secretion of endorphins is stimulated by massage.

A best massage chair not only lessens aches and pains, but also help lower stress and promote relaxation. Thus a massage chair can have a great beneficial effect on your physical as well as mental health.