Why Should You Try Acupuncture?

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Bok Nam De Gregorio treating patient with acupunctureThe 3000-year old Chinese therapy of acupuncture has wonderstruck the Western World with its efficacy and best results. Though, the Westerners cannot understand and find a scientific base of the therapy, they are doubtless about its wonderful outcomes. It relieves pain, stress, and numerous other small and big conditions. It’s interesting to know about this amazing way of offering health to humans. Bok Nam De Gregorio, a professional Acupuncturist in Boston, shares her knowledge of acupuncture with us.

Action of Acupuncture

According to the ancient Chinese Medicine, there are two opposite forces acting in our body, viz. yin and yang. When they are properly balanced, we enjoy health. Another type of energy called “qi” (chee) also flows through our body along particular pathways, known as meridians. The job of qi is to keep yin and yang in balance. If the flow of qi is blocked, the yin-yang balance is disrupted, causing various health conditions like pain, discomfort and many others. Acupuncture frees the blocked qi and thereby rectifies the conditions. It evokes the natural healing mechanism of the body. The effects of acupuncture on various systems like cardiovascular system, nervous system, digestive system, and endocrine and immune system have been proven and demonstrated by modern research. Thus, by boosting these various system, acupuncture helps relieve pain, improves various functions in the body and offers a sense of health.

How is the Acupuncture Treatment Given?

Your acupuncturist will first ask you about your health history. Next, s/he will check the color, shape and coating of your tongue, feel your pulse and do some more physical examinations as required. By examining your body in this way, s/he can decide a treatment plan to treat your particular medical condition. During the treatment, you will be made lie down comfortably on a table. The acupoints on your body will then be stimulated as per your particular condition. If you are concerned about the pain caused by the acupuncture needles, don’t worry, because most people feel least to no pain with them. The needles will be placed puncturing the points from around 5 to 30 minutes. You will experience a feeling of relaxation during and after the treatment.

Conditions Commonly Addressed

Acupuncture can treat conditions ranging widely from musculoskeletal diseases to migraine, insomnia, anxiety, nausea and even infertility.

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