How to Prevent Nausea During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride for every woman. Fatigue is the first symptom of pregnancy for majority of women, this is followed by morning sickness. Morning sickness gets very common during first three trimesters of pregnancy and is most felt immediately after waking up in the morning, but nausea can occur during any time of the day.

During first three months, which is also called the first trimester, women feel nausea. Most of the pregnant women experience both vomiting and nausea, while many women experience nausea alone, and some don’t feel anything. In some cases it can stretch through nine months, which may result in hospitalization because of weakness and fluid loss. Nausea can be very exhausting for women who are pregnant.
Causes of Nausea

No one knows the exact cause of morning sickness so fat, but it is most likely due to hormones along with increased sensitivities and senses. Because of increased sensitivity and senses, you will experience increased sensitivity to all types of odors. Estrogen, hCG and progesterone are the commonly found hormones in women, which rise at a fast rate during early stages of pregnancy, and can influence the entire system of your body. Some people believe that if you a baby girl inside of you, chances of you getting nausea increases because of more amount of estrogen in the system. Women with twin babies have even high levels of hormone and may go through even worse situations during pregnancy.

What can be done?

There is definitely no way to control the hormonal ups and downs, but you can always nourish and support the liver and reproductive system of your body. Along with that you should drink lots of water, take enough rest and eat organic fruits and vegetables.

1. Avoid being in empty stomach: you may not feel hungry, but an empty stomach will make your nausea even worse. Just don’t wait until you get really hungry.

2. Avoid huge meals: Try to eat small and frequent meals throughout the day.

3. Eat crackers as soon as you wake up in the morning.

4. Take prenatal vitamins that include vitamin B6, when B6 is not sufficient in your body, you will experience nausea. Make sure the vitamin also has zinc, zinc is necessary to make B6 work.

5. Herbs such as, raspberry leaf is very good during pregnancy, it is rich in iron, it increases production of milk, eases labor pain and reduces nausea.

6. Ginger and slippery elm is also good during pregnancy