Is Green Tea Really so Beneficial to Human Health?

green-tea-1Why are people so obsessed with green tea? Is this beverage so magical? Can it help you shred some pounds or not become ill? Will it make you look and feel younger? To some extent, the answer is yes. However, our overall well-being is wrapped up in our genes and lifestyle, therefore a cup of premium organic green tea a day won’t take all your troubles away. So, why do medical experts and scientists recommend drinking tea on a regular basis? Let’s see what the real benefits of this beverage are!

green-tea-8There is no food or drink that can protect us from every disease. If you are a couch potato, a smoker and usually eat fast food, you could drink green tea all day and it won’t help you. Although it’s probably the healthiest thing you can drink, green tea isn’t enough if you don’t take care of yourself in other ways.



green-tea-2The real “magic” inside this beverage is the catechin content. These powerful antioxidants are important because they fight and prevent cell damage. Since green tea isn’t processed too much before you pour it in a cup, it has a high concentration of catechins. However, make sure not to add green tea to a boiling water, because it is bad for catechin content. Vitamin C, on the other hand, makes them easier to absorb, so add some lemon to your green tea.



green-tea-3What else does the research show? Green tea can lower the cholesterol levels and improve blood flow. This makes it a powerful aid in preventing a wide range of hearth-related medical issues, such as congestive heart failure, high blood pressure etc. Also, green tea keeps blood sugar stable which is essential for people suffering from diabetes.



green-tea-5Foods and drinks that are good for human heart are usually good for human brain, too, because it requires healthy blood vessels. In fact, MRIs in one study showed that people who drink green tea on a regular basis have greater activity in the area of the brain responsible for working memory. In addition, this beverage can prevent Alzheimer’s disease by blocking the formation of plaques linked to this medical condition.



green-tea-6Will it help you lose weight? Don’t let anyone fool you; there’s no food or drink that will melt the pounds off. It can speed up your metabolism, but if you continue to eat unhealthy, junk food, it won’t be effective enough. However, it’s an ideal beverage to drink instead of sugary drinks, of course, if you do not drink it with sugar or honey.



green-tea-7Finally, a tea break is healthier than a coffee break, so don’t forget to relax with a cup of your healthy beverage. Calming effect of green tea (because of theanine, its ingredient) is scientifically proven and it will help you unwind your mind and fight stress.