Health Benefits of Vaping over Smoking

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starter kitWhen it comes to choosing between smoking and vaping, vaping is anytime better for obvious reasons. Center for Disease Control and Prevention notes that smoking damages almost all organs in the body. Of these, lungs are the ones which undergo maximum damage when their owners breathe in more than 4,300 chemicals which include 69 carcinogens (cancer-causing) through tobacco smoking. Click here for more information on e-cigarettes.

Vapor is certainly a healthier alternative to smoke. Here are the reasons.

  • E-liquid has four main ingredients viz. propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavouring and nicotine (optional). The first one is an absolutely safe food additive, while the second one is a sweet and thick oil extracted from grains like corn. Nicotine in e-cigs is pharmaceutical grade and is an addictive liquid made from tobacco plant. Nicotine may be absent in e-liquids or may be present in varying strengths enabling one to cope up with the addiction without having to undergo withdrawal symptoms. Flavouring in the e-liquids are the same harmless flavours that are used in foods.
  • It has been publicly stated by the American Lung Association that nicotine alternatives like e-liquids and vaporizers help soothe nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Within just one year of quitting smoking, there is a dramatic reduction in the risk of heart attack. Within 2 to 5 years of quitting, the risk of stroke too reduces significantly. And in 5 years the chances of cancer of throat, mouth, esophagus and bladder reduces to almost half. Within 10 years the risk of lung cancer reduces to half.
  • One of the main health benefits of e-cigs is you make vapour and not smoke. In smoking, you heat up the material to the combustion level, while in vaping, the heating is just below a point which is in between 380° F and 410° F. This not only extracts the purity and full flavour of herbs, but also makes you emit vapour and not smoke. Vaping has 95% less carcinogens than smoking.
  • If you see pictures of the lungs of smokers and non-smokers, you will see an obvious difference in their color. Lungs of a smoker turn black due to the smoke and its toxic contents, while that of a non-smoker are pink. Even heart of a smoker turns yellow. Vaping keeps your lungs pink (like a non-smoker) and so, more efficient, and your heart reddish.
  • If you take small puffs, vaping enables you to use much less material than smoking, but with the same or even better zing. Thus your body inhales less of material and suffers comparatively less foreign intrusion.
  • Compared to smoking, vaping puts people around to a reduced exposure to toxins. As the vapour that is given out in vaping contains fewer toxins than smoking, people around a vaper are at less risk of passive smoking.
  • The e-liquid used in vaping may not contain nicotine. Nicotine is the one which develops addiction. If a vaper uses nicotine-free vaporizer it will be easier for her/him to quit smoking.

All in all, e-cigarettes are much healthier than traditional cigarettes. However, you should take caution to observe the package carefully what the e-liquid contains, because not being regulated, they may contain substances you might not have aware of. So, learn about the product well and make a wise decision.

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