How will You Choose the Best E-liquid?

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choosing best e-liquidYou can enjoy e-smoking the most when you find the best flavor of e-liquid with a level of nicotine that satisfies your craving. Today literally thousands of flavors are available in e-liquids. However, by narrowing down your choices you can easily choose your favorite one. You can do this by reading reviews and other info of e-liquids. Click here to get reviews of e-liquids and e-cigs.

Nicotine liquid may be flavored to suit any mood or taste. Vapers can enjoy countless nicotine levels and flavor combinations. The concentration varies from 0mg to 54mg. Higher concentrations are good for heavy smokers while lower ones are more suitable to light smokers who want to get rid of tobacco.

Levels of Nicotine

Nicotine content is an important feature of e-cigs because it can be gradually lowered unlike regular tobacco cigarettes. Vapers may even choose to smoke cigarettes that are totally nicotine-free, only to satisfy the craving of smoking. For many, the ultimate goal is to reach the 0mg nicotine liquid and it can be accomplished if they are persistent. You can start with higher concentrations to check how it feels and then gradually reduce the nicotine levels, finally to reach 0.

These are the different nicotine concentrations:

  • Nicotine-free: 0 mg nicotine
  • Low-strength: 4 mg to 8 mg nicotine per ml
  • Mid-strength: 10 mg to 14 mg per ml
  • High strength: 16 mg to 18 mg per ml
  • Extra-high strength: 24 mg to 54 mg per ml (REMEMEBER 54 mg nicotine is EXTREMELY STRONG)


There are numerous flavors in e-liquids ranging from cigar and tobacco flavors to sugary sweet flavors. Some of them are meant to evoke a feeling of actual cigarette and feature tobacco and menthol flavors. Plus there are flavors like coffee, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, strawberry and more, that mimic fruits and other delectable flavors. Exotic flavors like strawberry daiquiri and Boston cream pie are also available.

You may get easily daunted with this endless range of flavors. In that case, first choose a flavor that will satisfy your palate. For example, for a smoker smoking menthol cigarette for years, menthol flavor is better to start with. No doubt, it’s quite refreshing and delicious. But the smoker might need something extra, so s/he can add a bit of banana flavor. You might get the desired kick with a vanilla and chocolate combination, while after dinner you can try a coffee and cherry flavor, and so on.

If you are purchasing from a new vendor, consider trying at least 3-4 flavors in the beginning. After knowing which of them suits you better, you can narrow down your choices. E-cig companies declare special offers too like sampler packs or variety packs that offer you many different flavors in smaller cartridges. Take benefit of such offers.

So, if you want to get rid of tobacco, enjoy the variety of liquids that are so tasty. After all, getting lost in flavor is anytime better than damaging your health.

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