Top 5 Advantages an Employer Has In Drug and Alcohol Testing of Their Employees

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drug and alcohol testing at DenverDrug and alcohol use in America is increasing. A study has shown around 10% increase in the number of patients taking treatment for drug abuse after the 9/11 attack due to increase in stress and fear of terrorism and bioterrorism. Sadly, the use of alcohol and drugs shows up usually in the workplace. More than 75% of drug users who are 18 or above are employed. Professionals at Midtown Occupational Health Services, a leading firm conducting drug and alcohol testing at Denver tells about some prominent advantages of these tests to an employer.

1. Employees’ Safety

Some jobs are extremely dangerous and even if the employee is totally sober, they are at risk while doing these jobs, like operating a heavy machine or driving a truck. Such jobs require the employees to be extremely alert and not under any influence. Even a worker working in a deli should be extremely careful while handling tools like sharp knives and working at a hot stove. Drug and alcohol testing ensures that the worker is not under the influence, and thereby saves her/him as well as others from potential accidents.

2. Preventing Problems in the Long Run

By performing drug and alcohol screening of employees, an employer can find out quickly which employees can turn into potentially unpredictable about drug and alcohol abuse. Such employees can show late to work or cannot focus on her/his duties. If these employees would undergo accidents due to being under the influence, the company has to re-hire them or give them heavy compensations, even being not at fault. Paying upfront for the screening saves the employer’s lot of money in the long run, by identifying these employees well before such severe consequences occur.

3. It’s Necessary

Testing employees for drug and alcohol abuse is a necessity sometimes. For example, companies covered by the US Department of Transportation are required to test their employees for use of drugs and alcohol. Companies covered by the body include transportation companies, railroads and airlines. According to the 1988 Drug-free Workplace Act, some companies should test their employees if they want to get a contract with the Federal Government. Also if a company gets a grant from the government, it is required to test their employees for alcohol and drug use.

4. Justified

Testing employees for alcohol and drug use also shows a sense of justice of the company. The governor of Florida in 2011 declared a requirement for state employees to submit reports of drug testing. Because state employees are paid with taxpayer dollars, according to the governor it was fair to make them undergo drug testing so that taxpayers (residents) can know that they are not financing the use of drug and alcohol. Moreover, Florida government passed an act making it necessary for those applying for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families of the state to submit the report of drug testing before they can obtain the money.

5. Elimination of Problems

Due to drug and alcohol use of employees, employers have to undergo several problems like:

  • Performance problems like difficulty in understanding instructions, inability to respond to supervision, carelessness, increased mistakes, missed deadlines, poor work quality, erratic pace of work and so on.
  • Absenteeism and poor attendance, excessive sick leaves, complaints about vaguely explained illnesses, increased frequency in early time off, unexplained absence from the job etc
  • Adamant behavior with coworkers and superiors, lazy disposition, increased requirement of supervision, sloppy end product of work, avoidance of coworkers and superiors, and more

All these problems can be eliminated by alcohol and drug screening test.

Midtown Occupational Health Services provide high quality health care since 1982. They are specialized in work related injuries and believe in communication and relationship. Don’t forget to visit their site if you are planning drug and alcohol testing for your employees.

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