5 Common Skin Problems and Their Solutions

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skincareWe first present our face to people. Naturally we wish that it should be beautiful enough so that people make a positive opinion about us. If in such a condition, we have facial skin problems, there is nothing more frustrating. Here are 5 common skin problems and solutions.

1. Acne

Acne is a teenage problem, but unfortunately it retains even in the adult age, either in the form of acne lesions or scars, both being equally ugly and undesired. Acne is caused by high levels of humidity, stress as well as sweat. However, cleaning and washing skin regularly may be of no use. Acne is a disorder which hardly can be dealt with on one’s own. You have to visit a dermatologist to find the correct treatment. Acne doesn’t go with common cosmetic products, but need a serious medical treatment.

2. Sebaceous Filaments

These are small accumulations of dead skin cells and sebum which take the form of hair follicles and eventually small hair strands. They are yellowish white in color and can be pinched out of skin. Sebaceous filaments are often confused with blackheads as they occur on the same areas of facial skin, i.e. around the nose, chin or forehead. How to get rid of sebaceous filaments becomes a prime question when they occur because they look ugly. Though they can’t be completely eliminated, they can be reduced by reducing oily food intake and washing face with a gentle soap to make it less oily.

3. Dark Circles

Dark circles are common when one is stressed and doesn’t get enough sleep. Wrong eating habits too can promote dark circle formation. Eating healthy food, drinking a lot of water and taking enough sleep can reduce dark circles. Also put slices of cucumber on closed eyes and lie down for some time so as to relax and refresh eyes.

4. Sunburn

Several people either forget or underestimate sun protection. UV rays harm our skin more than we imagine. Sunburns are more common and severe in fair-skinned people as their skin doesn’t produce enough melanin to shield it from the sun. Hence you should apply sunscreen before going out in the sun. Once you are indoors, apply some moisturizer. Vitamin E also is helpful in dealing with sunburns.

5. Dry Skin

Dry skin results from constant air heating and cold temperatures which irritate skin. Dry and itchy skin happen commonly in winter. An easy solution to prevent skin from getting dry is to apply moisturizers on regular basis. Even men should apply them to soften their rough skin and make shaving easier.

Keep away these common skin conditions and you can meet people with a higher confidence level.

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