Choosing A Shampoo According to Your Hair Type

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agrumi-orangesIf you are worried about your hair and can do anything for it, you are eager to try the various products on the market including the various shampoos. But nothing is more daunting than what they say in the advertisements of the different shampoos, e.g. one says “for thick hair”, the other says “for long hair”, still other says “for dandruff-free hair”, and still, still other says “for smooth hair”! Heck, how do you know which one to choose? Let’s discuss it here and see if that helps you.

Choosing a Shampoo According to Hair Type

Remember that regardless of whatever they say in the ad, trichologists suggest to choose a shampoo according to your hair type. Naturalmente organic and natural shampoo shop has a range of shampoos and other hair care products for various types of hair.

A shampoo that helps thick, coarse but damaged and porous hair won’t help fine, medium texture, non-porous hair. So, first you will need to do a hair analysis and find your hair type. If you got scared with this sentence that you will have to undergo several tests, don’t worry. You can do your own hair analysis even at home. Or if you have a reliable stylist, you can ask her/him to do one for you. It is done by examining the amount of hair, and size and overall health of each hair strand.

Density: If you cannot see scalp through your hair, you have thick hair, while if you see it, you have thin hair. There may also be medium density of hair.

Texture: Examine a strand of your hair. It can be thick and wide, or thin. You can examine through a magnifying glass too.

Strength: Strength of hair decides the porosity and elasticity of hair. Porosity of hair decides its ability to retain water. Porous hair is usually more damaged and tends to absorb more liquid, but not moisture. Hair having low porosity is healthy and can stand stronger chemicals. Examine hair immediately after a hair wash. Hair having high porosity feels too wet and sticky, while that with low porosity dries quickly.

Elasticity: Take a freshly washed hair and try to stretch with your both hands to see how much it can stretch; but don’t try to break it.

Shampoos According to Hair Types

Thick Hair: Thick hair should have a balance maintained of moisture and at the same time managing volume levels. Because the strands are abundant, they can get unruly and frizzy, and can look erroneously full. For such hair, seek products with soy protein, avocado oil and macadamia nut oil that will hydrate the hair, seal cuticle and bring the unwanted volume under control. Try Aloe and Sandalwood Shampoo by Naturalmente.

aloe and sandalwood

Medium/Normal Hair: If you are fortunate to have balanced, normal hair, you can use any shampoo. So, you just have to see to it that your hair health is maintained. Use a deeply cleansing shampoo with ingredients like vitamins A, C and E, white tea and wheat protein. This will maintain the integrity of your hair.

Thin Hair: Fine or thin hair needs light, volumizing or thickening shampoo that can add texture and fatten up strands, while reinforcing and strengthening hair.

Lemongrass, lavender oil and rosemary are famous for promoting growth, stimulating scalp and preventing hair loss. Extract of nettle root helps promoting blood circulation in scalp and reduce DHT (dihydrotestosterone – a hormone which causes hair loss). Try the Naturalmente Rosemary and Lavender Shampoo.

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lavnder and rosemary

Wavy, Curly Hair: To protect curls, moisture is the most important thing. The correct proportion of hydration will soften your hair strands, tame frizz and maintain its elasticity and shape. Wavy hair needs additional moisture because the natural oils that are secreted by your scalp don’t always make way down the entire length of wavy strands.

Experts of curly hair recommend using products with silicone because they coat the hair strands and deter absorption of moisture. Nourishing ingredients like olive oil, glycerin, jajoba oil and shea butter are natural smoothers and keep your hair hydrated and boost its shine. Try the Deep Hydrating Shampoo by Naturalmente.

Deep Hydrating

Coarse Hair: Kinky, coarse hair needs special care which can make it strong and shiny. Products with ingredients like Aloe, panthenol, glycerin or shea butter will increase the natural luster of hair by keeping it hydrated. Naturalmente has very good Aloe Shampoos.


Oily Hair: Hair is healthy when scalp is healthy. You may not believe but oily hair is the resultant of a dry scalp, because your scalp tries to compensate for dryness by forming more oil which eventually collects on your hair roots. For such hair, a mild shampoo that will balance the scalp is necessary. Use Naturalmente Citrus Shampoo.


Damaged, Dry or Chemically Treated Hair: Dry hair is in need of an additional dose of moisture to replenish the dried up hair strands. Same applies for chemically treated hair too. It is also unadvisable to take a daily hair wash because your scalp should get time to form natural oils. So, you need a formula which will detangle and hydrate hair and soften cuticle during cleansing, like the Fennel and Geranium Shampoo by Naturalmente.

Color-treated Hair: If your hair strands are color-treated, they should be cleansed with a mild shampoo designed for colored hair. It should be free of sulfates. You might be surprised to see that such a shampoo doesn’t form a lot of lather. But you need not worry. It does its job correctly. You can also get products that can maintain your particular hair color. Naturalmente Anti oxidant Shampoo is best designed for color-treated hair.

Flaky Scalp: You should choose a medicated shampoo if your scalp is scaly. It is designed to treat scaly condition. Dandruff is the main cause of flaking, so a shampoo designed to clear the scalp is what you need.

Hair Fall

If you find that you are undergoing excessive hair loss, you should use products that will encourage growth. Hair loss shampoos are designed to stimulate hair follicle and scalp. Naturalmente has excellent products for this condition, like Aloe and Sandalwood Restructuring Treatment and Yogurt and Millet Conditioner.

Naturalmente believes that there is a product for every one of us in the Nature which can be used for our beauty, health and wellbeing. With this strong belief, they intend to encourage an environment-friendly way of living and so, don’t use any chemicals, animal ingredients, synthetic perfumes, sodium lauryl sulfates and parabens in their products, but use pure essential oils and fragrances derived from plants, roots, flowers, fruits, oils, resins and spices.

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