Safe and Natural Ways for Removing Warts to Get Clear Skin

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remove warts from homeWarts can be not only irritating, embarrassing and frustrating, but even painful. They can grow anywhere on face, hands or any other organ and cause pain if skin there is folded, twisted or rubbed against something. No wonder, those having warts are eager to get rid of them, however they don’t find easy cures. Don’t worry! Here are some natural ways with which warts can be removed forever. But first we’ll see what warts are.

Warts – What are They?

Warts are skin growths that are benign (non-cancerous) and caused by viruses. The commonest virus causing them is human papilloma virus (HPV) which affects the top layer of skin and makes it grow at a fast speed, which develops into a wart. This virus can be contracted when your skin is cut or damaged in some way and gets a touch from another person having warts. The virus can also come to you by sharing razors, towels or other personal care products.

Though warts can develop on anyone’s skin, some people like children, teens and people having a weak immune system are more prone to them. There are various types of warts.

Natural Ways to Remove Warts

Following are ways to remove warts from home. Along with them you should also apply preventive measures like avoiding walking barefoot, not sharing personal care products and not touching any wart, yours as well as anyone else’s.

Strengthen Immune System: Since warts are caused by a virus, strengthening your immune system to fight the virus is the best way to eliminate them. Several people notice that their warts occur when they feel sick, tired and weak. Take ample sleep and exercise regularly. Use a potent immune booster like olive leaf, turmeric, zinc, astragalus, vitamin C, elderberry and cat’s claw.

Stop Spread: Warts can not only be spread from person to person but around your own body too through touch. If you touch a wart on your body and touch another part without washing hands, new warts can pop up many days later.

Pineapple: Applying fresh pineapple directly on the wart can help in removing them because of the natural acids and enzymes in pineapple.

Garlic: You can also apply the paste of fresh garlic mixed with water to the wart. Apply every few hours till the wart is removed.

Wartrol: Wartrol is a very effective wart removal treatment with all natural ingredients and is very safe and painless. It is easy to apply and doesn’t even leave a scar.

Use one of these remedies to get rid of warts forever and get clear skin!

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