Why You Should Use Natural & Organic Skin Care Products

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profile_pic (1)Natural & organic skin care products have become increasingly popular. The reason why some people haven’t fall for them yet is simple: they are not aware of all the advantages of natural and organic cosmetics. If you’re among them, let me try to explain you why you should reconsider your choices. 

organic 1Did you know that our skin absorbs more than 60% of what we place on it? Conventional beauty products usually contain harmful chemicals which are later absorbed by our skin. Yes, even those beautiful creams with “natural” in their names may contain pesticides and you don’t want them absorbed, do you? In fact, “natural” means that those products have some ingredients that come from the earth. Although there are some companies that are trying to manufacture high-quality products, most of them are simply using the term “natural” for higher profit.

On the other hand, the “organic” label has something more to offer. The main reason why people have started buying organic food is to avoid the exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Millions of consumers have turned to natural & organic skin care products for the same reason; they wanted cosmetics without any unhealthy ingredients.

organic 2Natural and organic skin care products are created to work with human body’s natural system; instead of masking, they enhance it. These products contain natural ingredients that are of nutritional value; the skin’s processes of refining, repairing and rejuvenating itself are supported by these substances. That’s why you can use natural and organic products for long periods of time without being worried about issues such as clogged pores, acne, hyper sensitive skin etc.

The largest organ of the human body is the skin and, since it takes everything you apply on it in (at least 65% of the ingredients), personal care products we use may get into our blood stream and major organs. If you choose natural & organic products for your skin, they will provide you with safer ingredients that are more compatible with your body and skin. For that reason, all personal care products should be well researched.

Finally, by using organic products, you are promoting a healthier care of the soil, air and water. Simply put, since organic skin care products are eco-friendly, you are doing the best thing for our environment. It’s not only about the natural and organic content, which is certainly good for environment, but also about manufacturing these products in clean, chemical and synthetic-free-processing techniques. At the end of the day, you get an eco-friendly content in a recyclable container.


organic 4It’s clear that natural & organic skin care products have been all the rage for some time. Nevertheless, I’m absolutely sure that this trend won’t go anywhere soon. In fact, going “natural and organic” is more than a new beauty trend; it’s good for your skin, your health and the environment. And, if we’re talking about effectiveness, some of the more effective and efficient skin care products available nowadays are actually natural and organic. Next time you go shopping for cosmetics, check the labels and the content of products you usually buy. If you see chemicals you cannot even pronounce, just think about what your skin soaks in. Therefore, I highly recommend using products made with natural and organic ingredients, since they are well researched and generally better not only for your skin, but for your overall well-being and environment as well.

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