4 Sensible Healthy Heart Tips for Busy People

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cardiologist in Malaysia

A busy lifestyle is supposed to be healthier for your heart than a sedentary lifestyle. However, if you’re not being able to manage all the activities without getting stressed up, it may be in fact bad for your heart. Plus, it’s commonly seen that people who try to manage family, work, social responsibilities and other things at the same time often fail to take care of their own health. So, how can you keep a balance between all your responsibilities and your health? Here are some healthy heart tips for busy people.

Avoid Saturated Fat and Accept Soluble Fiber

Any cardiologist in Malaysia or any other country will tell you that saturated fats present in foods like fried foods, butter etc. can adversely affect your cholesterol levels which is a major concern for heart health. Try to replace saturated fats with monounsaturated fatty acids present in olive oil, peanut butter, nuts and avocado. This will help you reduce bad cholesterol levels. Simultaneously, include soluble fiber in your diet which will help clear arterial plaque, and improve digestion and metabolism.

Quit Smoking

It’s easy to fall prey to a vice like smoking while trying to manage too many things at a time. But you should also take into account the danger it carries and how it’s preventing you from being 100% efficient. It’s been proved that smoking has a power to weaken all your body’s systems including heart. Performing all the duties is stressful and unfortunately smoking is often considered a way to relieve stress. Once you realize that smoking is not heart healthy, you’ll automatically start hating it and find a way to quit it. There are so many healthy ways for stress relief including yoga, music therapy and aromatherapy. Pamper yourself once in a while, give yourself a good spa, massage or sauna, & you’ll find it easy to quit smoking.

Practise Stress-relieving Hobbies

Since stress is a quite integral part of busy lifestyle, you should focus more and more on stress relief to keep your heart healthy. In this situation, stress-relieving hobbies can be a great help. Reading good books, listening to good music, gardening, painting and so many hobbies can relieve your stress. You don’t have to devote a lot of time for them. But only a little time engaged in one or more of these hobbies will make you forget all your worries and anxiety, and you’ll be filled with a new energy to accept new challenges – a good thing for your heart!

Get a Good Night Sleep

Sleep deprivation and disturbed sleep cycles have been associated to heart issues. Disturbed sleep schedules even by 90 minutes can significantly increase your risk of developing heart problems. They can even increase the risk of depression, hypertension and diabetes. So, stop watching late night movies, sleeping till noon and not getting adequate sleep.

Following these tips will greatly reduce your risk of deteriorating your heart health. Follow them and enjoy your busy life to the fullest

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