A Workout to Avert Osteoporosis

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Working with weights

Both the genders can take benefit from this workout plan to avert osteoporosis by making their bones stronger. In addition to workout, they have to include healthy food with sufficient amount of vitamin D and calcium to get best results.

1. Impact and Weight Trainings

Studies show that both the impact and weight trainings when combined together deliver the best results.  Running, hopping and jogging all help to improve balance and vigor that avert the falls that may result to bone injuries.

This workout plan comprises of aerobic workout and weight training program. The aerobic workout should be carried out for 5 days minimum per week for 30-45 minutes at least. It includes the impact workouts like jogging, walking or step aerobics that give a cyclical impact to the body muscles, bones and tendons.

The weight training program has to be executed for 2 days per week at least comprising of explicit workouts. It focuses on the trunk or upper body to develop essential muscles and strength that you don’t achieve from jogging or stepping.

2. Impact Cardio

Go for 5 sessions per week of 30-45 minutes at least. As a beginner be slow and you may split the time duration into smaller intervals. Try best to hit the treadmill plane with force but nor hurting your knees too much. On the contrary, the cycling or other gym equipments like cross trainers and ski machines do the major footwork for you and therefore are not much beneficial for you. But the machines like Stair climber give the best results that should be incorporated in your training program.

3. Weights

The weight training program is primarily focused on enhancing the strength of the muscles, improving the bone density and balance to avert the chances of falls.

Go for 3 sets with 12 reiterations of every exercise. Read the relevant material about weight training as a beginner, initiate moderately and then gradually increase the weights along with intensive exercises in subsequent weeks.

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  • Execute with/without weights to start from. Slowly go for 3 sets of workouts. If you don’t have adequate leg power then do squats by placing a med ball at your back against a wall as it will keep the back upright with good support.
  • Hang the weights on the sides or place them on your shoulders.

Bounce pushup

  • Execute it by either placing knees on the floor or on your hands and toes. In both styles try not to rebound much when you lift the body from the floor.
  • Other way is to clap the hands underneath the body when you lift upwards. You have to bounce to an extent that the hands are raised from the ground and then bang the floor back for the subsequent pushup. It can be executed easily with your knee pushup.

Dumbbell lunge

  • Take the dumbbells with weight suitable for you, step frontward by keeping the knees ahead of your toes not behind and then return to the original position.
  • Keep the front foot with nice trample or lunge on the ground as you step ahead.

Overhead push press

  • Keep barbell or dumbbells on chest while standing or hold a med ball in both hands by keeping the feet wide apart near to the shoulders width on the floor.
  • Plunge downwards by bending your knees, buttocks and ankles.
  • Quickly push the weight up with the help of your legs. Lift your heels a bit from the ground as you stand briefly on toes.
  • Lift the weights above your shoulders extending full arms above in the air. You can lock your elbow joints when the joints are properly toned and conditioned like professionals.
  • Revisit the weights to the shoulders and repeat the step
  • Execute this workout quickly to achieve good results

Push press workout is good for gaining strength of the tendons, muscles and ligaments (wrists, buttocks, spine, ankles)

Standing bounce jumps

  • Stand on the floor and push your trunk in a bounce upwards till the feet are few inches above the floor.
  • Its purpose is to give strain with repeating jerks to the connecting tissues and bones. Begin with heel lifts from floor and later add weights with the bounce jumps.


Wrist curls

  • This exercise helps in strengthen the bones and muscles of the forearm. Lift the weights with the palms facing upwards or downwards.
  • Its purpose is to avert the chances of wrist injuries especially in elderly people who fall down. In old age they lose their balance and muscle power and get broken wrists.

Step ups

  • Use steps, platform or a box and step with your alternate legs upwards and downwards. The box should be steady, step up with one leg then the other one. Now step down and repeat.
  • Hold weights in your hands with step ups to intensify the exercise.



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