Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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If you feel constant tiredness, without any apparent reason, for not less than last six months, you may be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS. This is a condition which makes you feel so exhausted that you are unable to do even your daily activities. This is the main symptom of the disease and there are many other symptoms too. While many people recover in one or two years and do not get a relapse, there are many others who suffer extreme fatigue and other symptoms for years. Main problem with chronic fatigue syndrome is it is not well understood yet. Still unfortunate is, some doctors don’t even believe that it is a disease and label the patient as lazy or depressed! Click here to learn how to deal with CFS effectively.

Even the patients of chronic fatigue syndrome themselves find it difficult to believe that they have some such disease. The fact is, the disease is ‘real’ and not a creation of mind. It is body’s response to a collection of mental and physical factors.

The cause of CFS is not yet known. Though sometimes it starts after an illness like flu, there is no definite evidence that there is any connection between the two. A lot of factors are believed to trigger CFS cumulatively.

Other symptoms, than tiredness, of CFS are, problem in sleeping and feeling tired after getting up, difficulty in thinking clearly and remembering things, headaches, muscular and joint pain, sore throat, tender glands in armpits or neck, and flaring up of these symptoms after a mental or physical action, which was quite easy for you earlier. A major element of chronic fatigue syndrome is depression and it makes other symptoms even worse.

To diagnose CFS is difficult and doctors only diagnose it when other possibilities for the fatigue are ruled out. And there is no definite treatment too for the condition; only its symptoms can be treated. It is necessary for you to have a good relation with your doctor, so that both of you can work together to find out what actually can be better for you. You and your doctor should apply trial-and-error method, as there is no definite cure for this disease.

So also, it is necessary to take home treatment, in form of changed schedule. You should adopt better sleep habits and gentle workout. As depression is an inevitable part of chronic fatigue syndrome, it is also necessary for you to learn not falling into the trap of frustration, depression and anger and adopting good attitude.

You can also observe carefully, rather maintain a diary, to find out the times of the day when you feel the most energetic. This way, you can find if there is any pattern, and if it is, you can plan your work according to that. Of course, you should not do too much of work at such times; if you do that, you may be overtired and may take several days to recover.

You can also try to improve your sleep pattern as sleep will impart you the necessary relaxation. Go to sleep only when you feel sleepy and get up at the same time everyday, whether or not you feel rested. Stay away from alcohol, tobacco and caffeine before going to bed. Keep the bedroom as much as noise-free and at comfortable temperature. See to it that your mattress is good enough to make you relaxed.

Most important for you is to have patience and keep in mind that by taking consistent home treatment will definitely help you to relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome!

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