Natural Treatments for Varicose Veins

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varicose veinsAre you in distress because of varicose veins? Have you tried everything to get rid of them but didn’t succeed? Has the surgery left ugly scars and a painful experience for you? Now all you can do is to find natural treatments for varicose veins! But do they really exist? Let’s see.

What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged and twisted veins below the surface of the skin. They usually occur on legs and ankles. They aren’t normally serious but can sometimes cause other problems.


The main cause of varicose veins is weakened valves and veins in your legs. Generally, your veins contain one-way valves that keep blood running from your legs towards your heart in the upward direction. When these valves stop working normally, blood gets collected in your legs, because of which pressure builds up, and the veins become weak, swollen and twisted.

veins diagram

Who can Get Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are hereditary. Ageing is also a risk factor.

Being pregnant can also be a causative factor for varicose veins. Other factors are being overweight or having a job in which you have to stand for long periods of time. These factors increase the pressure in the veins of your legs and can cause varicose veins.

veins diagram


The appearance of varicose veins is blue, twisted and swollen, and they are just beneath the skin. In some people there are no symptoms, while in some others, mild symptoms may be there, like:

  • Heaviness, pain, tiredness or burning in legs. These may be worse when you sit or stand for long.
  • Swelling in your ankles and feet
  • Itching over the veins

Sometimes the symptoms may be serious, like:

  • Swollen legs
  • Swelling and pain in calf after sitting or standing for long
  • Changes in skin like color change, dryness, thinness, scaling and inflammation
  • Open sores or bleeding after a minor injury

Varicose veins are quite common and generally don’t cause a serious problem. But sometimes they may indicate blockage in deeper veins. This condition is called deep vein thrombosis. If you are suffering from this condition, you may require a treatment for it.

veins diagram

Is there Any Natural Remedy?

You can try some varicose veins home treatments to get rid of the condition naturally. For this, what you have to do first is to reduce the pressure in your veins. Veins in the body pump the blood towards the heart, and veins in your legs too do the same job, but their job is literally up-hill as they have to pump the blood upwards, i.e. against gravity. If you are susceptible to varicose veins, this additional work in your lower body can make your veins enlarged.

Fortunately there are remedies to get rid of this condition and they include simple changes in lifestyle which can decrease the pressure in your veins. Before starting any of these treatments, talk to your doctor about it.

legs before and after treatment

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Correct Exercise

Certain sports are not recommendable when you are prone to varicose veins. These are skiing and water skiing, tennis, squash, boxing, weightlifting, stairmaster, taekwondo, judo, karate, running and football. They have an impact on your legs, because of which the blood flow is blocked and increase the pressure in your veins. If for any reason, you cannot give up these types of sports, don’t forget to wear compression stockings. Also reinforce your veins with correct supplements.

Sports like skiing are also not recommended because the boots you have to wear for the sport immobilize your feet and prevent your calf muscles from pumping the blood up towards heart.

The pattern of breathing is very important during workout if you want to prevent varicose veins. If you are in a habit of blocking your breathing while applying force during a workout, you are applying intense pressure to your venous system. Make it a point to breathe out while exerting force and never hold breathe.

Some sports that are recommended are swimming, yoga, tai chi, biking, brisk walking and stretching.

Home Remedies for Varicose Veins Program

Here I should mention an effective program written by Robert Galarowicz who is a naturopath and nutritionist. This is Home Remedies for Varicose Veins program which was created by him to get rid of his own spider veins. A surgery or laser treatment may be ineffective in eradicating your problem, and the varicose veins can come back within a year or so. But the natural treatment is so effective that you will get your smooth skin back without any pain, never to suffer the condition again! Within 7 days after starting the natural treatment suggested by Robert Galarowicz varicose vein patients experience reduced pain or pain completely gone. Within 6 weeks the skin becomes smooth and you are again able to stand on your feet for long hours. So, try this treatment. The images in this article are their courtesy.

legs after treatment

Correct Type of Shoes

Your shoes can make a huge difference regarding whether you will suffer from varicose veins or not. Choose shoes that have low heels. Low-heeled shoes help tone calf muscles, thus improving circulation in your legs.

Right Undergarments

Your undergarments or pants too should not be tight at the groin or waist, because if they are, they act as a tourniquet and restricts flow of blood resulting in varicose veins.

Healthy Body Weight

Excessive weight can also be a risk factor that perhaps may change the percentage of persons who may develop varicose or spider veins. Taking a healthy diet and maintaining a correct weight keeps the pressure in your veins to minimum.

Drinking Adequate Water

Water makes the stools soft and when stools are passed easily, you have to put less pressure on your leg veins. Drinking adequate water is also a great way to shed extra weight.

Keep Legs Above Heart Level while Sleeping

This is an easy way to reduce pressure in leg veins. Keep your legs above the level of heart when you sleep. You can add a couple of phone books or similar items under the foot of your bed which will elevate your legs to a higher level than your heart.

So, try these simple home remedies to reduce the chances of developing varicose veins or to alleviate the condition if you have already developed it. To get more information on the Home Remedies for Varicose Veins program by Robert Galarowicz, visit

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