3 Most Popular Laser Eye Surgeries and Their Benefits

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Laser Eye Surgeries

There are so many things in this world which give you pleasure merely with their sight. Lush greenery, colorful flowers, beautiful people, blue mountains, crystal-clear streams, and so many other things have the power to mesmerize you when you see them. However, not all people are fortunate enough to ‘see’ this beautiful world clearly. Their eyes are defective in some or the other way, and thus they cannot enjoy seeing the surrounding beauty.

But fortunately, the vision of these people can be rectified. How? The answer is “with laser eye surgeries”. If you’re unable to see properly and clearly, don’t get distressed. Someone like Dr. Ray Oyakawa, an eye doctor in Torrance can perform various laser eye surgeries and rectify your vision. Let’s know about a few popular types of eye surgeries and their benefits.

1. LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK or Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis is one of the most commonly performed laser eye surgeries to rectify refractive vision problems. Every year more than 600,000 people in the USA alone choose to get LASIK done to rectify farsightedness (hyperopia), nearsightedness (myopia) or astigmatism.

In a LASIK surgery, your eye surgeon will make an incision through the cornea of the eye, elevate a flap of tissue, and reshape the cornea to rectify vision. A LASIK surgery is considered to be very safe because complications can occur only in 1 among 20 cases and that too are only minor.

The benefits of a LASIK eye surgery are:

  • Generally no pain
  • Immediate improvement in vision
  • No stitches and bandages are needed in most cases
  • Patients can resume their routine within 24 hours
  • Need for glasses is dramatically reduced or patient may not require glasses at all
  • Patient’s money is saved because they don’t have to update their glasses or contact lenses periodically

2. PRK

PRK or PhotoRefractive Keratectomy is another popular laser procedure done to rectify hyperopia, myopia or astigmatism. Actually this is the first type of laser eye surgery for vision rectification and has been around long before LASIK. But LASIK soon outshined it in popularity.

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Although the downtime of PRK is longer than LASIK, PRK still has certain prominent advantages over LASIK in some patients.

Just like other laser eye surgeries including LASIK, PRK involves reshaping of cornea with an excimer laser and thus entry of light into eye is properly focused on the retina for clear vision without glasses or contact lenses. However, PRK differs from LASIK in that while LASIK involves creation of a thin flap on the cornea which is lifted to expose the corneal tissue underneath and then replaced with an excimer laser after reshaping of cornea, PRK involves removal of the thin outer corneal layer before reshaping of the corneal tissue underneath with an excimer laser. This layer grows back over the corneal surface after the procedure within a few days.

eye anatomy

3. Presbyopia Surgery

Presbyopia is a condition in which people can’t see the nearby objects clearly usually after the age of 40. Although bifocal glasses and contacts are a safe and effective option to rectify presbyopia, you’ve to carry your bifocal glasses always with you and if you forget them, you’re in a fix. Bifocal contacts too are not very helpful in low light conditions. In such a situation, you can opt for a laser surgery from an eye doctor in Torrance or wherever you live, for presbyopia.

There are various types of presbyopia laser surgeries, like monovision laser surgery, multifocal laser surgery and IntraCor laser surgery.

eye doctor in Torrance

These laser procedures have some prominent benefits like:

  • Short procedure time
  • Quick recovery
  • Little pain or discomfort
  • Reduced requirement of reading glasses
  • Affordable price

Laser eye surgeries are a great ray of hope for those whose vision has been weakened due to some reason. By weighing the benefits of each of them, you can choose the right one for you, and enjoy a clear vision without glasses or contacts.

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