Acupuncture – Taking Maximum Benefit of a Wonderful Treatment

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acupunctureIn the olden days, the number of acupuncture points was supposed to be the same as there are days in a year, i.e. 365. These points form maps of 14 meridian lines, one for each of 12 inner organs, 1 along the spine (governing vessel) and 1 along the middle of abdomen (conception vessel). In recent times, the number of points specified by acupuncturists has increased a lot. There are additional meridians some of which outlined in the past, some modern, having their own collections of points (off meridians), and there are full mappings of structures and functions of body by points on the nose, along the ears, on the hands, feet, ankles and wrists, and in scalp. In spite of the increasing number of treatment zones, many acupuncturists still make use of the traditionally known points on the 14 major meridians. On every meridian a small number of points are used again and again, due to their versatility, and for a wide variety of diseases and patients. Here are such points on each major meridian.

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Large Intestine Meridian Point

This is situated on the rear side of the hand between the first finger and thumb. Its predominant uses are to relieve pain, constipation and other bowel diseases. However, it is also used for the treatment of feverish and inflammatory diseases with symptoms in head and throat, because the meridian for large intestine runs from hand toward the face. This meridian also contains another key point, on elbow which is used for several upper body disorder like eye pain, sore throat, rashes, difficulty in the movement of arms, lymphatic swellings and for intestinal diseases, like diarrhea and cramping in intestine.

Lung Meridian

Lung meridian point is situated above the wrist on the inner side of the arm. It is made use of to treat many diseases of upper body, like headache, cough, neck stiffness, sore throat, asthma, wrist problems and facial paralysis.

Stomach Meridian

Stomach meridian point is located on the front side of leg, just under the knee. It helps in digestive problems, like nausea, vomiting, abdominal distention, gastralgia and even for general weakness. Lately several clinical trials have been organized with the only treatment of this point, showing positive effects in treating immune deficiency, anemia, fatigue and many other diseases.

Spleen Meridian

Spleen meridian point is situated on the inside of the leg just above ankle. Though it is located on the spleen meridian, which usually affects the digestive system, this point also treats hormonal disorders (impotence, irregular menstrual periods) and immune problems. SP9 is another key point on this meridian situated just under the knee. It is used for treating urinary disease particularly with fluid retention, disorders of female reproductive system and back pain.

Liver Meridian Point

This is situated on top of the foot, in between the 1st and 2nd toes. It is useful for balancing emotional energy, regulating menstruation, treating eye problems, reducing the pain and tension in the chest, relieve headaches and reducing high blood pressure. LV2 is the point adjacent to the liver meridian point at the webbing of toes, and is considered to be pretty important and is usually needled together with LV3. It has same sort of uses, but also included in treating lower abdominal disorder, such as urinary disorders.

Pericardium Meridian Point

Pericardium point is situated on the inside arm, just above wrist. Just like other points on this meridian it is also useful for cardiac problems, like angina pectoris or heart palpitation. It is also useful in the treatment of spasms, nausea and vomiting, and convulsions.

Heart Meridian Point

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Heart meridian point is situated on the outside of the wrist. Along with being useful in treating heart disease and fatigue, it is also useful in the treatment of various mental problems like insomnia, absentmindedness, hysteria, distressing dreams, agitation, depression, etc.

Urinary Bladder Meridian Point

Urinary bladder meridian point is situated at the backside of knee and is used in treating back pain, muscular atrophy, hip impairment, abdominal pain, leg pain, immobility, diarrhea, vomiting and a variety of other problems. Another vital point on the urinary bladder meridian is in the lumbar area (hip level) close to spine. It is used for treating a huge range of problems like impotence, urinary disorders, menstrual problems, knee weakness, low back pain, dizziness, ringing in ears, asthma, blurred vision, edema and diarrhea. A big part of the urinary bladder meridian is important as it flows along both sides of the spine and is associated with the inner organs closely.

Kidney Meridian Point

This is situated just on the back of inner ankle. It is used for treating problems in many areas of the body, including toothache and sore throat, tinnitus (ringing in ear) and deafness, asthma, dizziness, frequent urination, impotence, low back pain, irregular menstruation and insomnia.

Triple Burner Meridian Point

Triple Burner is supposed to be a special sort of organ system spanning along the entire torso. This point is situated on the outside of forearm, only above the wrist. It is primarily used for treating disorders along the flow of this meridian, i.e. hand, fingers, arms, neck, cheeks, ears and top of the head.

Small Intestine Meridian Point

Small intestine meridian point is situated just below the little finger on the side of the hand. It is used in the treatment of mental disorders, night sweating, seizures, fever, and pain and stiffness in chest, neck and lumbar region.

Governing Vessel

Governing vessel point is situated on top of the head. It is conventionally used for treating various psychological problems, and disorders taking place in head region, like headache, tinnitus, vertigo, difficulty in speech, nasal congestion etc. Another important point on this meridian is GV14, situated just below the 7th cervical vertebra (shoulder level) and is used in the treatment of problems of neck and upper back, convulsions, feverish diseases, asthma, cough and common cold.

Conception Vessel

This is situated below the navel and is used for all sorts of lower abdominal problems, like hernia, urination disorders, menstrual problems, postpartum bleeding, rectal prolapsed, diarrhea and many more. is a website dedicated to Acupuntura, Tratamento de dor, which in Portuguese means Acupuncture, the treatment of pain. Acupuncture has indeed been created to remove pain from human life and we should take maximum advantage of this wonderful therapeutic treatment.

acupunture meridians and points

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