Best Alternatives for Study Drugs

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study drugsIn today’s hectic life, a student has to do a lot of activities other than study which is her/his main objective to come to college. But it is seen that instead of studying, students are busy doing many other things. They really don’t have time to study. Naturally when the exam date arrives just the next day, these students have not even started to study! And in that case, to study in a hurry, they take something called study drugs, which are actually drugs prescribed for diseases like ADD and ADHD. Are our students safe while doing these drugs and if not, how can they be helped out with other safer alternatives?

Study Drugs – Risk for Health

A study drug is a designed to increase concentration and focus in patients lacking in these things, mainly those who suffer from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). These patients are deficient in dopamine due to which they cannot focus on what they are doing. A study drug like Adderall works fine with these patients to increase their dopamine level and increase concentration. But if a person having a normal dopamine level takes this drug s/he may suffer from adverse effects of the drug, i.e. euphoria and agitation. The consequences are not only limited to these. They can be even more serious and can become life-threatening, especially if students take them regularly and together with substance like alcohol.

Students taking study drugs even once suffer from its adverse side effects. This is because once the drug wears off, the person taking it undergo a severe crash, tiredness, fatigue and depression, as the dopamine level comes to zero.

As if this is less, they bring about more serious side effects too like increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, nervousness and insomnia.

Moreover, these drugs are legally cannot bought without prescription and so, if students are found to have these drugs, they can incur serious punishments like jail, heavy penalty and in the worst case, suspension from college. And even if it is bought with a prescription, misusing these drugs is illegal and can pose same serious punishments.

Is There Any Safer Alternative?

Yes, there are. While students are so stressed up with the thought of exams that they can easily be caught in the study drug trap, they can look around and they will find safer alternatives like Limidax.

Students should also try other safer and natural things. They should eat a balanced meal and should eat on time. They also should take enough sleep. Caffeine intake should be limited. If possible, they can also keep aside some time to rest and relax. Relaxation techniques such as Yoga, deep breathing and meditation are best for students to relieve stress of exams and other college-related activities.

An improvement in brain power is certainly alluring. But students should understand that because of the temporary enhancement, their entire life and health can be ruined. It’s agreed that you cannot avoid procrastinating at times; but there are better techniques through which you can overcome difficulties rather than undertaking dangerous activities, which can cost you your life.

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