Curing Brain Fog – You should Take Major Steps

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stressed up brainBrain fog is a condition which takes place with us some or the other time when we feel disoriented because of some stress, working excessively, or due to lack of sleep for continuously 1-2 days. But in some people, it becomes more serious. However there are definite brain fog cures with which these people can be pulled themselves out from the threatening condition. Let’s learn something more about brain fog.

Causes of Brain Fog

Brain fog doesn’t only involve brain. This has been more finely explained by Datis Kharrazian, author of “Why Isn’t My Brain Working?” and an autoimmune disease expert. Brain fog is a sign of brain inflammation. Brain inflammation makes neurons fire slowly, thereby reducing the speed of recalling, reflexes and mental acuity. Neurons thus slowed down also stop the creation of energy in the cells. Because of this, cells get tired easily and therefore you may lose concentration for prolonged periods of time.

As explained by Dr. Kharrazian brain’s immune system is made of cells known as microglia. These microglia get activated and send out inflammatory messages in conditions like:

  • Your blood glucose level is unregulated, because of diabetes or insulin resistance
  • Head trauma
  • Inflammation not in the brain, but outside, e.g. in gut
  • Blood circulation in brain hampered
  • Distinct sensitivity to perfumes, environmental pollutants or other chemicals

Unfortunately when microglia are activated, they send messages to brain during their whole lifespan. Bad thing is once one microglia is active, a chain of their activation starts. This can become a vicious cycle that confuses your thoughts and can even damage brain tissue.

Signs of Brain Fog

  • You feel confused or dazed
  • You cannot concentrate
  • Your memory becomes poor
  • You stammer or stutter while speaking
  • Information is slowly processed in your brain

Getting Rid of Brain Fog

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If you are undergoing brain fog every now and then, it’s important to take firm measures to control inflammation on the whole. When your entire body will get the benefit of less inflammation, you will notice that your energy, motivation and clarity have been increased. Here are some things you should do to come out of your brain fog.

Getting Enough Sleep: If you sleep for adequate time, your brain will get the much desired rest during which it can repair its wear and tear resulting in elimination of chances of inflammation. Lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep both can meddle with your body’s ability to keep inflammation and brain fog away.

Stress: Stress too causes the same effect as it is caused by lack of sleep. So, it is important that you take things lightly and don’t stress up yourself.

Blood Sugar: If you notice that your meals are skipped, it’s necessary that you change your patterns of eating. Skipping meals and binging on sugar can both increase blood sugar, which causes the secretion of pro-inflammatory stress hormones. Increased blood sugar can also mess up with hormone signaling.

To regularize blood sugar, substitute sugar with natural sweeteners like honey. Incorporate small amounts of movement in your day. Exercise can regulate blood sugar as well as improves blood circulation in the extremities like brain.

Low-grade Infections: Binging on desserts can also bring about low-grade infections in the body which drains out energy in the body slowly and steadily.

Control low-grade infections by having fermented food items and probiotic drinks.

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