Healthy Food 4 Good Blog Review on Healthy Meats

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Many of us love meat and relish it with an age-old misconception that it is pure protein and so is extremely healthy, it offers strength to the body etc. etc. But recent inventions show a quite different and dreadful picture! It has been proven now that the juicy, fleshy and yummy meat we eat is totally unhealthy if the cow is corn-fed. And the healthiest option is the grass fed steaks! On, JR, the food enthusiast and conscious writer, gives all information about the benefits of grass fed steaks.

Modern era is about making more and more money! And people forget while they earn more money, that they should not do anything that will harm the society. The fat cows brought to the slaughterhouses might be enticing to your eyes, but if you come to know the story about how they become so fat, you will certainly not want that meat for you and your dear ones! The cows are dumped with hormones and antibiotics in order to make them fat and look big in just 14 to 16 months, when with grass they take 4-5 years to reach that size! Because of the bombarding of corn, protein supplementation, growth hormones and antibiotics the poor animals become fat, but not healthy for you!

There is interesting information on about different types of meats grown organically. According to the recent inventions just to eat grass fed steak is not enough for health; the meat should be organic too and organic is the other word for healthy. This means that if the cow is eating grass which is treated with antibiotics and pesticides, it is bound to become unhealthy. So, the meat should be organic and such meat is specially created in a special environment, where the animals are fed 100% natural grass. Such a meat is truly health-giving.

Another interesting information on is about the organically grown meats of various types, which include not only the commonly known meats of cows, chicken and turkey, but also some other special meats, called exotic meats or game meats. These are of alligators, elks, ostriches, emus, and what not! The names might give you a shiver, but interestingly these meats are far more wholesome and tastier than the one you buy from your butcher or supermarket. Yes, these meats are not freely available everywhere and you will have to take some pains to have it, that too for some more bucks! Because the healthy environment in which they are grown need that expenditure and of course, it is worth, because the meat is absolutely healthy for you and your family. You can get the grass fed steaks at online meat suppliers (which is actually an easier option than going all the way driving to the supermarket), premium meat shops, and Production Meat Ranch operations.

Visit today and take more information about the grass fed steaks, because you and your family might be at risk with the meat you get easily at every corner; after all, you have to eat food for good!

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