Holistic Healing – You can Make Yourself Healthy

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inner lightThroughout history human beings have been in search of absolute health but unfortunately we haven’t yet achieved it. The diseases, which were once incurable, are today’s ordinary diseases. Although new medicines and surgeries have been invented to cure them, it hasn’t ended the sorrow in man’s life. New diseases have still emerged which are still incurable today — perhaps they will become ordinary in the future. This process has continued through time. In such a hopeless scenario holistic healing brings a ray of hope. A holistic healer will help anyone to achieve optimal health.


A holistic healer believes that a human being is an integrated whole person, composed of body, mind and spirit. If any part is not healthy, every part will also be affected. If humans have imbalance in their life, their overall health will be negatively affected. It’s the life force that heals. Intrinsic to the life force is healing.

A holistic healer can use a conventional therapy or an alternative therapy for treating the client. Through looking at the whole person, a holistic healer seeks to find the primary cause of the dis-ease. S/he will take an overall look at the client’s lifestyle to find out the potential risk factors that may be causing the dis-ease. Although the treatment may include medicinal drugs to alleviate symptoms, a holistic healer offers tools to heal and balance the person. Lifestyle modifications will be emphasized to bring health and peace to the client.

Major Principles of Holistic Healing

  • Healing happens from within. It is the life-force that heals.
  • Therapies are tools to support the strength of the life force.
  • Everyone has an innate healing power
  • The client is a human being, not a disease
  • Treatment is focused on releasing negative beliefs and energetic blocks to eliminate the cause, not only the symptoms.
  • Healing is brought about by a team effort of healer and client, and touches all aspects of the life of a person with various healthcare practices.

Types of Treatment

As said earlier, various treatment methods are used in holistic healing to treat the client. Emphasis is given on helping the client to take responsibility for her/his own health and to obtain optimal health. These methods may include:

  • Client education to modify lifestyle and self-care. This can be anything, including spiritual counseling, coaching, nutrition and exercises.
  • Alternative therapies that may complement the treatment like Reiki, chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, homeopathy, naturopathy, and more.
  • Western medicines and surgeries

Finding a Holistic Healer

  • Holistic healers can be anyone including medical doctors and practitioners of alternative medicine. Before choosing a holistic healer, inquire around whether s/he is really good.
  • Find out about the person’s experience, training, specialization and affiliation with professional organizations and hospitals.
  • One of the best ways to choose a holistic healer is from referrals from people who have worked with the person.
  • Ask yourself: How do you feel while being with the doctor or healer? Has s/he the ability to make you feel comfortable? Does s/he respect your views and concerns? These points are also important.

laurie-bellLaurie Bell is a holistic healer. With strong gifts of empathy and intuition, she is an Intuitive Counselor, Interfaith Minister and Reiki Master. She has practiced for 30 years. Laurie believes that everyone has the power to heal and to transform his or her lives. She helps her clients become conscious of how they limit themselves. She supports their empowerment and hands them tools to create the life they truly desire. Visit her website GentleRiver.com to get a better idea of her work and philosophy.

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