How to Sleep Faster and Deeper

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Though many of us sleep regularly for 8-9 hours, there may be only a few lucky ones who can have a quality sleep! You will agree that we have some or the other problem with our sleep. Either we cannot sleep as soon as we lie on bed, or we wake up in between, or we don’t feel fresh when we wake up in the morning (which means that we don’t have a good sleep at night), or we get such fearful dreams that sometimes we literally feel afraid of sleeping! Amongst all these, not being able to sleep as soon as lying on bed, is the commonest problem and how to fall asleep fast is a question that comes to everyone’s mind.

There are various methods used to fall asleep fast, like binaural beats, sleep herbs and sleep tea. In addition to these, it is also necessary to find out what is disturbing your mind so much that you cannot sleep fast. Though it is difficult, there is a way out there. You can convince yourself like this: “How ever I think on my problems while lying on bed, they are not going to vanish. So what is the point in thinking over them so much? On the contrary, if I take a better sleep, my brain will become fresh, and then it will be able to find a solution to the problem. But if I continue thinking like this, my brain will get so tired, that it won’t be able to find out any solution. So better I take a calm sleep!” Try this for some days and see that it will definitely help.

Meditation is the best way to relax your mind and brain. When you practice meditation, you look at life in a different way. Your point of view is expanded than your narrow outlook to consider just yourself. Believe me, there are many sorrows in this world, and you are not the only one! Many in this world are with you! This only thought is also very relieving. It is possible that some of you may have experienced a kind of calamity, which is unusual, so they might say that it is easy to talk. Yes, really, I respect that. Even I have undergone some incidents that are unusually upsetting and I even cannot talk to others about them. But I consider them as past and just an experience which teaches me to look at the world differently. You will agree that when we undergo some unbearable sorrow, we can understand others’ sorrows better. And that is the best part of it. It is a much higher quality, than any of the qualities of a rich or a highly successful person.

Sometimes it happens that a person just cannot sleep, even if he or she has no worries as such. Here there can be many contributing factors for the insomnia. Either, that person is not physically very active, or he or she has some bodily disorder for which medical attention is needed. But in any case, concentrating on some altogether different thought helps in making you asleep fast. E.g. you can try to remember how you spend your day, or last week, or some particular day of the week. You should remember each and every trifle thing, like how you caught a taxi and the driver didn’t have change, etc. You should train your mind to think on the same line, continuously. It is possible that your mind will divert from this and enter in some other line of thinking. You should bring it again in this memorizing process. Another benefit of this process is your memory becomes sharp!

You can take help of various gurus who are masters in teaching you how to fall asleep fast and after consulting them, your problem of insomnia will disappear permanently.

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