Negative Ion Generator – A Must for You to Feel Fresh and Energetic Again

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ionbox 20mHave you heard about using negative ions to purify the air you breathe in and thereby achieve health? If you haven’t yet, it’s time to update your knowledge by this wonderful, yet simple, therapy and take steps to make a negative ion generator a part of your home. Negative ions are negatively charged ions that usually occur in the air around beaches, mountains and waterfalls. You might have experienced that you feel fresh after visiting these locations – it’s because of the negative ions in the air there. So, is there any way to bring the same healthy air to your home and feel fresh and healthy always? Yes, there is! It’s a negative ion generator!

What are Negative Ions and What is a Negative Ion Generator?

Simply put, negative ions are oxygen atoms that have an added electron in their orbits. They are formed due to the sun’s cosmic rays touching the earth’s surface at the poles or the decay of radioactive materials in the core of the earth. They are also formed in the air and water where there are more number of natural elements like running water such as a waterfall or river or even just after a thunderstorm. This takes place due to a phenomenon named Lenard Effect in which electronically neutral air molecules become negatively charged when water droplets hit each other or a wetted solid. Water molecules are positively charged. They fall down because of gravity and vanish from the air. What remain are the negatively charged air molecules. Therefore these places have plenty of negative ions as opposed to closed homes and offices where they may be in hundreds or sometimes even nil, and therefore we feel suffocated and depressed in closed places.

negative ion formation near a waterfall

A negative ion generator is a device designed to emit negative ions in your home and office. Perhaps the most commonly used (and yet sometimes unknown) and most effective of such devices in your home is your shower. Running hot water as well as the steam generated by a shower can bring the beneficial ions to your body. This is the reason why you feel so refreshed after a shower.

negative ion formation in a shower

But why limit your negative ions to your bathroom and shower? Why not spread the healthy ions all through the home? Yes, you can do that by installing a negative ion generator. This device uses the same principle that works when lightning takes place during a thunderstorm, i.e. a corona discharge. In a negative ion generator, a stream of electrons is forced to come together on a point of a needle. Since they have a similar charge on them, they repel each other and so, are pushed apart and spread in the surrounding air where they get attached to the air molecules and create negatively charged ions.

negative ion formation after a lightening

With the generation of more and more such ions, these ions float further from their source and travel to different parts of the room. Based on the effectiveness and strength of the negative ion generator, adequate negative ions are produced to cover even the farthest parts of the room.

How do Negative Ions Purify Air?

Negative ions magnetically attract pollutants forming larger particles that become so heavy that they cannot remain in the air and fall down which are then collected by your routine cleaning activities. Most importantly, they are taken out from the air so that you don’t breathe them in. Thus pollutants like dust, pollens, harmful bacteria, odors, toxins and allergens are removed from air by negative ion generators.

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negative and positive ions

Negative Ion Generator by has created a wonderful negative ion generator named ionbox 20m with cutting edge negative ion generator technology that cleans, purifies and detoxes your air. This negative ionizer at present holds the title of the highest emitting negative air ionizer in the industry. It emits as many as 20 million negative ions per second in your space to sanitize and clean your air to the highest level.

Some prominent benefits of ionbox 20m are:

  • Cutting edge technology
  • You don’t have to change filters
  • Small size to fit anywhere
  • Uses only 1.5 watts
  • No production of ozone
  • Portable and can be used with the provided 110/220v ac adapter plug or USB

ionbox 20m for pure air

Why Should You Install a Negative Ion Generator?

Modern homes and workplaces have several devices that produce dangerous positive ions. They include air conditioners, clothes dryers, televisions, and electronic and digital devices such as laptops and computers. You will be surprised to know that even upholstery and carpets emit positively charged ions. This is the reason why staying indoors for a long time make you feel tired, sleepy and lethargic, while stepping outdoors or even opening windows and doors makes you feel fresh and energetic. If you have to stay indoors for a long time and rarely get a chance to go out, installing a negative ion generator is a must for you to remain in a healthy state of body and mind.

ionbox 20m near laptop

What to Look for while Buying a Good Air Ionizer?

There are two types of air ionizers – positive ion generators or negative ion generators. You should be careful about whether you are buying a positive ion generator in place of a negative ion generator. A positive ion generator, aka ozone generator, is good only for eliminating airborne toxins and odors; but it’s not recommended for longer periods of use especially where you work or sleep. Ozone is highly unstable and therefore reactive. So, you should not breathe it in for prolonged periods. On the contrary, negative ions are extremely healthy to breathe in. So, you should remember to buy a negative ion generator.

Also look for the negative ion output per second of the ionizer. The higher the better. If the ion generator doesn’t specify the number of negative ions emitted or if it is labeled “ionic purifier” or “anion air ionizer”, there are chances that it’s an ozone generator.

The best negative ion generator should clearly specify its ion output in millions per second and also particularly mention that it doesn’t produce ozone or produce it under the safe CDC limit of 0.05 ppm.

You might have sometimes felt tired and lethargic without any reason. Have you found the reason? Now, consider installing a negative ion generator in your home and/or workplace and breathe in clean air to feel energetic and fresh again!

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