PG and VG – Important Components You Should Choose for Your E-liquid

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e-cigarette ideal PG-VG ratioYou have chosen e-cigs for your better health. But with an endless range of e-liquids and their ingredients you might be daunted about which one to choose. You might know about our good old friend nicotine and the food grade flavorings, but you might find it difficult in understanding what the heck is vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. And there is still another thing to understand – PG VG ratio, which should be ideal in your e-liquid and compliant with a superfine device like iStick 100w UK. What would you do in such a condition? Don’t worry! Here is the information you need for a healthy vaping.

PG – Propylene Glycol

You might be well aware of PG or propylene glycol if you or someone in your family or friends are/were using an inhaler. Propylene glycol is the non-medical suspension ingredient in inhalers. It’s also used as a cleansing agent in hospitals. It’s a very thin liquid having a low viscosity. It’s a colorless, almost tasteless organic compound, often used as a preservatives and is used in lots of FDA approved medications. You can rest assured because PG has not been found to be carcinogenic, so, it’s absolutely safe to vape in.

VG – Vegetable Glycerin

Unlike PG, VG is a quite thick liquid having a high viscosity. This is also an organic compound used commonly as sweetening agent in foods, and is also used in soaps, medications and cosmetic products. While using a soap or food with corn syrup, you have already met VG.

What is an Ideal PG VG Ratio?

The PG VG ratio you should prefer depends entirely upon your own choice of which e-cig juice you want to use. Both these agents have some vaping properties that you can consider while making a decision. Here is some information.

Various E-Cig Setups

  • Dripping atomizers, RDAs and clearomizers are quite flexible for any PG VG ratio
  • Cartomizers and carto tanks are quite fussy and mostly do better with 100% PG or a mixture of PG and VG. A cartomizer has a thick poly-fill surrounding the heating element. It should absorb the e-liquid so as to work properly. For a tank, the e-liquid should also be able to be soaked up through the holes made in the cartomizer.
  • For a pre-punched carto, a 100% PG or an e-juice with a 50:50 PG VG ratio works best.

Flavor or Vapor

The PG VG ratio also depends on whether you would like more of the flavor or vapor. 100% VG will give you big clouds of vapor, but will lack in flavor, thus less passionate for your taste buds. On the other hand, 100% PG will give you better flavor, but you will get less voluptuous clouds. You can get the best of both worlds by mixing the two.

Throat Hit

If you want the same powerful punch on your throat that cigarettes gave you, you might need an e-juice with higher level of PG, as VG vapes smoothly. So, if you want to avoid the cigarette-sickness, higher PG levels should be preferred.


Some members of the vaping community are allergic and sensitive to PG and get cough and sore throat upon starting to vape. If the symptoms become more severe, like swollen mouth, throat and gums, you should consider shifting to an e-juice with 100% VG.

PG and VG are both absolutely safe ingredients and you need not worry to use them for vaping. All you should do now is to check which PG VG ratio works best for you and choose it.

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