Protection from Electro-Magnetic Radiation

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Friends, have you heard of Quantum Science Pendant? If not, this is something which you must read urgently.

Today we live in a world of electronics. We are surrounded by all the electronic gadgets. We use cell phones, computers, TV sets, and many other such appliances. Have you ever thought of how the electro-magnetic field created by these gadgets might be affecting our health? You better understand that this EMF energy harms us tremendously, if we are in contact with any electronic equipment for most of the time and, staying indoors, without much of open, country air, makes it even worse! And you might be surprised by the fact that the appliances continuously give out a lot of positive ions. Quantum Science Pendant is the only way out to protect yourself from this electro-magnetic radiation!

You might say, “So what? What is wrong with positive ions?” Dear friends, positive ions are free radicals and have the power of breaking up the constituent atoms of our body, so as to give rise to various severe illnesses, like fatigue, depression, tiredness, headaches, high stress, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, and difficulty in breathing, and the sad part is, all these worsen day by day, lowering your quality of life.

Are you scared? But I am not here to scare you. I want to tell you a good news that you can save yourself from all these bad effects of EMF energy and the way out is scalar energy. Brilliant scientist James Clerk Maxwell had put forth the concept of scalar energy and another legendary scientist Albert Einstein had supported it. Today in the modern world, scientists have understood the potential of scalar energy and have created an outstanding device to counteract the positive ions, by emitting negative ions, and the device is Quantum Science Pendant!

Quantum Science Pendant is made of a volcanic rock, combined with Tourmaline. Volcanic rock is the freshly formed earth, which has immense amount of energy for you and Tourmaline too, being a mineral stone, has the same qualities. Together they bring about wonderful improvement in your health, by enhanced circulation, detoxification, increased cellular permeability, protection of cells, (and especially DNA material), from breaking down because of the EMF energy, and decreased migraines and headaches. It enhances your concentration and improves your performance in work, sports and overall life.

The negative ions necessary to tackle with the positive ions are taken by our body on a large scale by way of our skin, and not by respiration! Therefore, Quantum Science Pendant is extremely useful to make the scalar energy, i.e. the positive ions, available to the body. You can wear it anywhere on your body, not necessarily as a pendant in a chain or necklace. You can even keep it in your pocket and experience its terrific results. Moreover, it gives out scalar energy continuously, almost for 1,000 years! So you need not worry about its wearing out! You will be surprised to know that if it is broken in pieces, then too the pieces go on giving out the same amount of scalar energy, in total! And being made of 100% natural substances, it is absolutely safe! The effect of Quantum Science Pendant can be actually seen on our blood cells, within twenty minutes, in which we can see improved blood circulation and cell functionality!

If you remain confined in your home or office, for most of the days, work continuously with computers, cell phones or any such electronic equipment, and have started experiencing problems like fatigue, tiredness, headache or reduced concentration, you need to obtain scalar energy as soon as possible, in form of either a stay in countryside or a Quantum Science Pendant!

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