Snoring – How to Reduce it?

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The harsh or hoarse sound occurring while you are sleeping is called snoring. Sometimes, snoring is an indication of some serious health condition, but commonly it is a nuisance to a person sleeping beside you, usually a partner. More than a half of adults snore from time to time. It occurs when air is flowing in your throat causing relaxed tissues to vibrate and to create that irritating sound. How can you reduce or stop snoring? Some researches suggest changing lifestyle, like avoiding alcohol prior the bedtime, losing weight and regular physical activity. Also, there are some medical procedures and devices that might be useful in reducing disruptive snoring. Luckily, surgery is not necessary and even unsuitable for everybody who snores.

Despite the frequency and intensity of snoring, it is a sleep disorder that can, at least, have serious social consequences. So how to sleep more peacefully? Sleeping on your side might be the solution, while sleeping on a stomach is potentially stressful on the neck, while everyone is more likely to snore if they are lying on their back. Also, losing weight might help because excess body weight, in particular around your neck might put pressure on the airway which causes it to collapse partially. If you have an allergy problems, snoring might be the indication of it. Allergies might cause chronic respiratory problems which force people to breathe through their mouths while sleeping. If you suffer from allergy, take an antihistamine before bedtime or use a saline spray.

*SnoreEzzz® is a FDA approved and guaranteed snore reduction pillow. How does it work? It is “two in one” pillow patented system: one pillow to elevate the head and the other to feel comfortable. SnoreEzzz® is not like other foam pillows and it does not lack support and therefore it is a manageable snoring solution.

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