The Heartbreak Hypnotist Using Hypnotherapy to Make You Healthy and Your Life Better

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Sean WheelerAre you a victim of a bad habit like overeating, phobia, smoking, drugging or alcoholism, and want to get rid of it? Well, a bad habit like this can be only stopped when your mindset is changed. It’s not any external factor, but it’s only you who can leave the habit if you restructure your mind and determine to leave it. So, you will now ask who would change your mindset. Obviously, it’s the job of a hypnotherapist. Sean Wheeler, the best hypnotherapist who offers hypnosis in Atlanta and is the only hypnotherapist in Atlanta who has appeared on television in some of the most prestigious shows explains how hypnosis can change your life for better.

Is Hypnosis Really Effective?

You might have heard a lot about hypnotism, both positive and negative. And because you have heard the negative, you are skeptical about its results. Don’t worry. Apply some logic and think.

You know that your mind is made of conscious and subconscious minds. The thoughts that come to your mind when you are awake are the thoughts of your conscious mind. When you are asleep, your subconscious mind becomes active and everything that comes to your mind during this period is the work of your subconscious mind, e.g. dreams.

Remember that this subconscious mind is extremely strong. Its power is much more than that of your conscious mind. Once your subconscious mind accepts something, you won’t easily give it up because it has been deep rooted into your subconscious. Such is the power of this mind. If you have watched hypnosis shows, wherein the people who are hypnotized act just as per the hypnotist’s instructions no matter how weird it is. This is because the instructions given by the hypnotist enters directly into their subconscious and it accepts them without thinking if they are right or not. So, just think if a hypnotist instructs your subconscious about eating less, not being afraid of anything, eating healthy, exercising regularly, quitting smoking, drugging and drinking, won’t it accept these instructions? It will certainly! The beauty of this therapy is the subject (one who is hypnotized) doesn’t remember that the hypnotist instructed her/his subconscious to act in a particular manner. S/He thinks that s/he is acting normally with her/his own instincts, and so, s/he doesn’t feel awkward or shy, and eventually become successful in achieving her/his health goals. Watch this video in which Sean Wheeler, The Heartbreak Hypnotist, explains beautifully how hypnosis can help you.

Does Hypnosis Reduce Weight, Overcome Phobias and Help Stop Smoking/Drinking/Drugging?

Remember that hypnosis is not a tool or appliance that can be used on your body and bring results like weight loss, or overcoming phobias or vices like smoking etc. Hypnosis only makes changes to your mind and thereby increases your mental power to overcome a bad habit or fear. So far (before going to a hypnotist), you strongly believed that you cannot live without eating lots of pastries, chips and ice creams, you cannot exercise, you cannot quit smoking, you cannot live without alcohol and a certain thing is fearful. After visiting the hypnotist, all these assumptions are nullified and you even don’t remember that you thought something else about your bad habits or phobias and fears. And then you start behaving normal. You don’t feel like eating too much or eating unhealthy. You feel like exercising. You don’t feel like smoking, drugging or drinking. You don’t find anything fearsome. And in this way, you get rid of your bad habits, and then you lose weight, leave vices or fears and phobias. So, you can understand that hypnosis doesn’t make any changes to your body; it changes your mind, because of which you start reducing weight if you are overweight or obese, overcome your fears if you are phobic of something and leave vices if you have any.

Sean Wheeler, The Heartbreak Hypnotist

Sean Wheeler is a leading hypnotist based in Atlanta and has hypnotized personalities like Bert Weiss, Jeff Dauler and Jenn Hobby, along with over 2,000 others. His clientele includes millionaires, CEOs, political personalities, scientists, professors, doctors and many others from almost all walks of life.

hypnosis for relationships

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Sean Wheeler is famous as The Heartbreak Hypnotist because he has successfully healed broken hearts on Q100’s The Bert Show and has used and is using hypnotherapy to help people to be successful in relationships. Quick results are a special feature of Sean Wheeler’s hypnotherapy.

Success in Quitting Smoking

Sean Wheeler is also renowned for helping smokers to quit smoking with hypnotherapy. He helps you to forget about smoking, eliminate cravings and increases your motivation dramatically of becoming healthy.

hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Overcome Fears and Phobias

There are countless types of fears and phobias in people’s minds. Some may be afraid of flying, some may be scared of driving, some may get feared with the imagination of standing in an elevator, and many more. What is fear? It’s just a state of mind. If the things or situations of which people are scared are fearsome, everyone should be afraid of them. So, fear is not in that thing or situation, it is in your mind. Sean Wheeler’s sessions help you to overcome these fears by changing your mindset.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Sean Wheeler’s hypnosis is also famous for helping people in weight loss and was featured in Fitness Magazine. The author could lose 15 pounds with the therapy. His clients also include those who lost as many as 70 pounds within just 6 months. Undergoing sessions with Sean, you will change your relation with food permanently, in a natural way.

Hypnosis for weight loss

Half-an-hour Consultation for FREE

Sean Wheeler offers his valuable 30 minutes for FREE! This is a no-risk offer during which you can learn more about hypnotherapy and how it can help in your particular situation. You can meet Sean personally for this or can call him. The beauty of this is that Sean doesn’t want you to buy his sessions; he just intends to make you understand the power and usefulness of hypnotherapy. So, during this period, you can get every doubt cleared from an expert like Sean Wheeler. I think, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity; there is nothing to lose!

Visit Sean Wheeler’s website and get more information of hypnosis, his successful sessions, testimonials, and more. Given here is the map of the location of his office.

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