Types of Compression Socks and Benefits

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compression socks benefitsCompression socks or stockings are a type of medical fit stockings worn by mostly those recovering from surgery, runners, flight attendants, pilots, nurses and pregnant women. The primary benefit derived from the use of these stockings is to help prevent the blood from clotting in the legs and other leg cramping and problems. Compression stockings can also be worn by people suffering from varicose veins, leg swelling (edema), leg ulcers and it can also be used for comfort purpose.

Some situation may impede the flow or circulation of blood to the heart such as lack of movement, prolonged standing at a particular point, and sitting at a position for an extended period may result in blood pooling or clotting in the veins situated in the leg. And this situation might lead to swelling, fatigue of the leg and leg achiness. Therefore, putting on these compression stockings help improves comfort and blood circulation. It can also be worn by athletics to enhance their performance and also to prevent injury if worn correctly.

Compression stockings might be harmful to some group of persons such as people suffering from peripheral neuropathy, arterial grafting, those with skin sensation, persons with a skin infection and pulmonary edema. Compression stockings can worsen the condition of people suffering any of this illness as it might prevent oxygen delivery and impede blood circulation.

Persons who can wear compression stockings

1. Persons on prolonged bed rest
2. Pilots in a plane
3. Athletic
4. Pregnant women and nursing mothers
5. People with varicose vein
6. Persons with leg ulcer

Types of compression stockings

There are various forms of compression stockings that are beneficial for different conditions. The two major types of compression stockings are gradient and anti-embolism.

1. Gradient compression stockings

Gradient compression stockings are specially designed as a remedy for a musculovenous pump to lower limbs. The stockings are designed in a way that the highest point of compression is around the ankle and less at the top. These compression stockings can be used by diabetic patients, and people with thrombosis and cellulitis.

2. Anti – Embolism Compression stockings

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This compression stocking is mostly used to treat people suffering from lymphatic and venous problems. Blood clots can lead to pulmonary embolism, and wearing of anti-embolism compression stockings can act as a remedy to it

Major benefits of wearing compression stockings

1. Reduces symptoms

Compression stockings help in reducing or alleviating varicose vain symptoms as it can lead to aching, pains, skin change and swelling of the leg.

2. Reduction of complications

The untreated, varicose vain disorder can lead to serious health complications. This complication can be associated with varicose skin damage and a condition known as venous ulcers. Wearing of this compression stockings can help reduce the progression of these complications.

3. Improves blood circulation

Compression socks help in improving blood circulation throughout the legs. It also helps in the circulating blood to the rest of the body.

4. Slow down progression of varicose

Compression stockings help in slowing down the progression of the varicose vain disorder. This condition may worsen if neglected, thus, causing blood pooling and swelling of the blood vessels.

5. Comfort

Compression stockings can be worn for comfort and fashion.

Finally, compression stockings can be used efficiently in managing this vein disorder known as varicose vein, but this is not a permanent cure for it.

For your comfort while on the air or you participate in acrobatics call comradsocks.com for your very efficient compression stockings and we also offer other more permanent solutions.

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