Useful Tips to Deal Effectively with Morton’s Neuroma

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Morton’s Neuroma tipsMorton’s Neuroma is a non-cancerous growth of nerve tissue in feet, often between the third and fourth toes. It’s a very painful condition. It has got multiple names such as Morton’s metatarslgia, Morton’s neuralgia, Morton’s disease, intermetatarsal neuroma, Morton nerve entrapment and plantar neuroma.

A nerve in the ball of the foot is swollen, usually between the base of the 3rd and 4th toes and Morton’s neuroma takes place.

A Few Facts about Morton’s Neuroma

  • Morton’s neuroma is a growth of nerve tissue but is non-cancerous.
  • It causes pain in the foot’s ball.
  • An effective solution to this condition is surgery but it is used only if other treatments, such as exercise or other home remedies, fail.
  • Although the exact cause of the condition is yet unknown, playing certain sports and wearing high heels can contribute.


Morton’s neuroma patients have to take painkillers, change their footwear and take steroid injections. Sometimes, surgery may be required to eliminate the affected nerve or release the pressure from it.

Several factors decide the treatment, including:

  • Severity of symptoms
  • Their duration
  • Whether home remedies have been tried

The sooner the condition is detected, the fewer are the chances for the need of surgery. If symptoms are persistent and severe, and self-help solutions are not helping, your doctor may suggest:

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Corticosteroid Injections: A steroid medications that lessens pain and inflammation is injected at the spot of the neuroma. The number of injections is limited since there are chances of side effects including weight gain and high blood pressure.

Alcohol Sclerosing Injections: According to the findings of studies, the size of the Morton’s neuromas reduce due to alcohol injections and also pain is reduced. Typically injections are administered every 7 to 10 days. Anywhere from 4 to 7 injections are required for maximum relief.


Besides wearing the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma which is an effective solution to the condition, you can do certain strengthening and stretching exercises that can help to maintain and enhance the strength in the foot’s arch.

These exercises include:

  • Stretching the muscles of calf, lower leg and Achilles
  • Stretching the plantar fascia along the foot’s bottom
  • You should start this exercise slowly to avoid the inflammation of the nerve occurring again.

Some easy exercises are:

  • Hold your heel in one hand and place the other hand below the foot’s ball and toes to stretch the plantar fascia. Slowly pull back the toes and front of the foot towards your shin.
  • Roll the foot back and forth over a bottle on the floor to stretch the foot.
  • Make figure “8” patterns with the foot, led by the big toe, to strengthen the foot.

Hopefully, you can get rid of Morton’s neuroma with these remedies without needing a surgery and can enjoy your normal life again.

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