6 Great Tips to Keep Your Joints Healthy and Pain-free for Long

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healthy jointsIt’s always assumed that our joints will degenerate and fail to perform as we age. However, the fact is that if we take good care of our joints they can perform for a long time without aching. Here are a few useful tips to maintain your joints to their optimum health.

1. Keep Moving

Just like parts of a machine get rusted and stop performing, our joints stop performing if they are not moved regularly. Therefore make it a point to move each of your joints every day to its full range of movement to maintain mobility and keep pain away. However, the movements should be slow and gentle, and not overly stretching, so as to prevent any injury. Visit Drperezaguilar to know more about bones, joints and their health.

2. Make Correct Use of Joints

Don’t engage into activities or positions that are not natural and are applying an overly strain on your joints. Identify the purpose of your joints and use them for that purpose only to avoid the risk of injury.

3. Correct Posture

Whether your joints will remain free from pain depends a lot on the way in which you carry your body. Hence it’s important to practice correct posture by making adjustments to work spaces as per your specifications. Use your legs and not lower back to pick items to avoid back pain. While carrying heavy items, make sure you cradle the objects close to your body.

4. Take Minimum Stress

Put minimum stress on your joints by using various tricks. For example, while using your hands to hold an object, keep your palm open so as to distribute the weight equally over your forearm. Also you can use surfaces around you. While moving an object, you can slide it across a surface, like a workbench or a table, instead of lifting it.

5. Stay Active

Never keep your joints in the same position for an extended period of time, otherwise they will become stiff. If you are in situations where this cannot be avoided, e.g. car rides, take an interval every hour and stretch and adjust your seating position.

6. Healthy Lifestyle

To keep your bones and joints healthy, adopt a healthy lifestyle. First of all, remember that your bones need calcium to remain healthy. But to help the calcium in your diet get absorbed in your body, you should have vitamin D. Therefore, it’s important to consume fatty fish and fortified milk. Vitamin D is also formed under your skin from sunlight. Therefore it’s also important to go in the sun regularly. However, avoid getting exposed too much to harsh sunlight as it can damage your skin.

If you follow these tips, you can enjoy healthy and pain-free joints for long and you will age gracefully!

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