Symptoms of Middle Age Crisis in Your Husband and How can You Overcome the Difficult Time?

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If your partner is undergoing middle age crisis, you will not only wonder how a person you knew so closely can change so much, but also why he’s treating you so horribly.

For either spouse, midtvejskrise (a Danish word for middle age crisis) is a quite hard time. Usually this is the time when children leave the house and then men often feel that their role of protector is over and they can get depressed and act weirdly.

Here are signs of middle age crisis in men.


Men realize a reduced feeling of virility as they age, therefore the requirement of proving their manliness increases. And what can be a better way to prove it than having an affair with 20-year old girl? Several men who have been loyal all through the life, abruptly become unfaithful in their 40s or 50s. Often they choose a woman who is not actually of their type, but virtually she is pretty and young, without exception, because those qualities make him feel validating his manliness.

Sudden Interest in Looks

You’ll be surprised to see your husband whose idea of fashion was just a single annual shopping campaign in a chain store will suddenly become fashion-conscious and begin wearing clothes designed for men much younger than him. He will suddenly start dying his hair or change the hair style or join a gym which he used to visit in his younger age. He’ll also spend a significant time before the mirror.


Middle age is a time of reflection for several men. They might not have achieved goals they had in their teens and twenties which can cause a depression, because several men believe that what they couldn’t achieve by 50s cannot be achieved even afterwards. Some men also start thinking of their mortality and get daunted. Several men also may reach a plateau in their career and find themselves heeding back to their glorious days. Having a lot of family responsibilities may also make them overwhelmed.

How can You Survive Your Spouse’s Midlife Crisis?

In many cases, marriages fail during midtvejskrise (midlife crisis), particularly if the husband goes through a change of personality and becomes constantly dishonest.

In such a condition, marriage counseling and medications like anti-depressants could help a lot to mitigating the stress of this difficult time.

So, understand the situation well without becoming afraid and/or confused and visit a marriage counselor and doctor and you will overcome the situation successfully.

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