Life Coaching and Psychotherapy Can Make Wonders Together

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performance coaching Have you heard of life coaching? Do you think that it is some kind of psychiatric treatment? If yes, it’s time to learn more about life coaching because though you might think that you are a normal person (having no mental disorder) you might need a life coach! Yes, because life coaching has nothing to do with mental disorders! A life coach is the one who helps you to achieve your goals in life, personal growth and well being. This means that if you want to become a top executive of your company or a famous footballer or a scientist, want to lose 4 kg in a month, want to create great literary works or achieve anything, you can take help of a life coach to attain your goal. On the contrary, a psychotherapist treats you if you are suffering from depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, stress, or any such mental problem. So, let’s see how both can help you.

Psychotherapist and Life Coach

life coaching and psychotherapy More and more non-psychologists are turning towards practicing life coaching. There has also been a growing emergence of life coaching training schools which provide certificates and diplomas in life coaching. Usually there is no restriction on getting admissions to these schools.



life coaching and psychotherapy The growing demand for life coaches is typically met by people who don’t have depth of knowledge inherent in the education of psychologists. Therefore psychologists have recently raised a concern that if individuals who want life coaching have mental problems, there is a risk for them of not receiving proper treatment, not being under the supervision of a trained psychologist.


With that said, let’s see what a life coach can do for you.

performance coachingA study published in Public Management showed a comparison of training alone and training combined with life coaching, and revealed that training alone improved productivity by 22.4% while life coaching combined with training did that by 88% – a remarkable difference!




Here are the reasons:

Presence of a Professional Makes the Difference: Most life coaches give three visits to their clients in a month. This visit prompts the client to “do more” than they would when left on their own. Clients think larger, set larger goals and take larger actions while working with a professional coach.

Knowledge: A well-trained life coach knows how to make you set right goals and achieve them, thereby grow your income and also, structure your personal and professional life to attain increased productivity with least efforts.

Motivation: A well-trained life coach also knows which words to use to naturally motivate you. No bullying or nagging is involved when you work with an expert life coach. The experience is uplifting and challenging, and you will look forward to your rendezvous with your life coach.

Speed: Most people experience that they achieve things faster after they start working with a life coach.


Who Hire a Life Coach?

gourp counselingThe clients of life coaches typically include entrepreneurs, top executives, managers, professionals, big and small business owners, startups, artists, musicians, actors, sportspersons, home-makers and many other individuals who want to achieve more in life. Life coaching is needed when there is a gap between where you are at present and where you want to be. Your life coach will help you remove this gap and s/he will also help you break your limited beliefs and make you think bigger.

You have to hire a life coach to work on:

  • Setting and achieving objectives and goals
  • Leaving blocks and fears behind
  • Planning – life and profession
  • Clearing clutter
  • Financial independence and security
  • Communicating effectively
  • Building strong relationships
  • Designing strategies to get success and making important decisions
  • Getting promoted
  • Getting out of a rut
  • Starting or growing a business
  • Getting organized
  • Fulfilling personal and emotional needs
  • Making more money
  • Living a far better life than what you are living today
  • And much more!

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How is Psychotherapy Different than Coaching?

spirituality coachingPsychotherapy is actually a therapy meaning it is used to treat you. So, psychotherapy treats your mental problem. On the other hand, a coach helps you to overcome your mental blockage and inhibitions because of which you cannot progress in your professional or personal life. These blockages and inhibitions are not mental diseases. In short, a coach motivates you, while a therapist treats you.

relationship coachingA life coach works much on the same principles as that of sports coaching like motivating you for being the best, achieving more than you think you can, team spirit and working for the goal. The difference is unlike sports coaching, life coaching is not for a competition. A life coach doesn’t train you to win against others, but to win in your own life.



team spiritYour life coach is also like your best friend. You might have many best friends and they might know what you lack in your personality, but they might not dare to tell that to you with a fear of losing your friendship. A life coach is not scared of this and tells you straightaway what drawbacks you have in your personality with an intention to bring a dramatic change in your life; therefore s/he is your true best friend.



Life Coaching and Psychotherapy Combined

youth coachingAfter seeing the differences between life coaching and psychotherapy, the question is do they work better together? Well, here once again we summarize the works of both as, a psychologist works by understanding your moods, thoughts and behaviors, while a life coach aims to motivate you, provide emotional support and create confidence in you by removing your mental blocks. Here it is also interesting to note that many erstwhile psychologists have chosen to become life coaches.


entertainmnet coachingA study published in the American Counseling Association has compared both of them to step-siblings that share same traits but have different approaches. Life coaches are busy in creating new path for their clients to achieve goals with no concern to their past, while psychologists find solutions to most problems of their clients by exploring their past.




life coachingBut despite these differences we can see that both have a common aim – making you happier, mentally healthier and improve your life! Thus we can say that psychotherapy and life coaching combined can make wonders!






life coaching and psychotherapyStefanie Gorendar is a life coach and counselor in Toronto, and has a vast experience to work with a diverse group of clients. She is also a proud member of a number of prestigious associations of psychologists, consultants, psychometrists, life coaches and psychotherapists in the USA and Canada. No wonder, she is considered to be an authority in her field ranging from anxiety, depression, dating and relationships, to coaching, productivity, success techniques, motivation and organizational development. She specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for ADHD, anxiety, depression and OCD.

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