10 Reasons Why You Should Take Health Supplements

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Nutritional SupplementsTo keep a good health, we need to eat a balanced diet. However in today’s busy schedule one cannot provide the necessary food ingredients to the body. Many times whatever is available is eaten in a hurry which may or may not be nutritious enough to satisfy the daily nutritional requirement of our body. If this continues, health is bound to deteriorate. In such a condition, health supplements are like a boon to us. There are several categories of health supplements like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and specialized supplements like weight loss supplements and anti-aging supplements. Only your healthcare provider can tell you which type of health supplement you need, and you should take it accordingly.

Several people are in confusion regarding the importance of health supplements. So, here are 10 reasons why these supplements should be taken.

1. Today’s Adulterated Conditions

The conditions of today’s agriculture are very poor, because the soil is losing its high quality and becoming more and more deficient in important minerals. Therefore the food grown in such a soil is deficient in the required nutrition.

2. Long Transportation Time

Many types of food are packed and transported for quite a long time, by which it loses its necessary vitamins and minerals till you consume it. These include the very important vitamin B complex and C vitamin too.

3. Processed Food

When the food is processed, cooked and preserved, it loses its nutritional ingredients on a large basis.

4. Genetic Upgrading

Today, many vegetables and fruits are genetically upgraded to enhance their looks and crop quantity, but they hardly improve in their nutritional value.

5. Irregular Eating Habits

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Today’s age is fast and we do everything in a hurry, which includes eating too. We eat food on irregular timings, don’t chew it properly, and stress adds to this by diminishing our digestive ability, so that our body cannot extract the nutrition in the food properly.

6. Pharmaceutical Drugs

It’s not very wrong to say that pharmaceutical drugs are reigning over us today. Most of these drugs deplete the most required nutrients from the food and make us more susceptible to deficiencies.

7. Particular Life and Health Conditions

There are certain times and health conditions in our life, when we need excessive amount of nutrients than usually required. E.g. in pregnancy the woman’s body needs extra supplement of folic acid, and many other nutrients, to cater the need of the growing fetus and herself, whereas menopausal women’s body are in need of extra calcium.

8. Pollution Causing Increased Demand of Nutrition

In today’s condition of polluted air, water and food, our body requires more amount of nutrients than usually required in order to detoxify and clear our body off harmful substances. Particularly, ACE Vitamins are more needed by our body, i.e. vitamins A, C and E, because they detoxify our body in addition to providing other health benefits.

9. Nutrients to Cure Diseases

Many nutrients are seen to prevent or cure diseases and health conditions such as high cholesterol, birth defects, arthritis, cancer, and so on.

10. Genetic Requirements

All of us have genetic deficiencies which include higher requirements of some nutrients, higher rates of diminution of particular nutrients and an increased risk of genetic expression of some disease if deficiencies of vitamins or minerals occur.

You should not take any health supplement on your own, but should consult your healthcare provider for this, who after thorough checking, will decide which supplement your body needs and only then you should start it. There are many health problems which are cured merely by health supplements, without any medicines or surgery!

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