Mimosa Pudica: Best Friend for Your Gut?

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Mimosa Pudica: Best Friend for Your Gut

Very few people know about the goodness of Mimosa pudica or touch-me-not seeds in terms of gut health. As per research reports, mimosa pudica, a fern-like plant with tiny purplish-pink flowers, is all set to become a hot favorite with health experts, and for many more reasons than one. The stems, roots, leaves, and seeds of this plant have strong medicinal value. They have been utilized by the proponents and practitioners of herbal medicine for centuries in a row.

Given the many benefits of Mimosa pudica and its seeds, it’s no small wonder that this plant is making it big in the world of health fads, diets, and supplements. Along with cleaning the gastro-intestinal tract and freeing it from the bad microbiome, touch-me-not seeds have plentiful use in wound healing, treating anxiety, and several other related issues. More recently, along with this explanation from Microbe Formulas, plenty of other things are buzzing in the world of functional medicine —specifically for the sake of supporting effective immune and gut health. Read on to know more about the benefits of Mimosa pudica seeds.

Use of Mimosa Pudica Seeds

The seeds of touch me not turn into a sticky gel-like substance once they are ground to a powder form and then exposed to liquids. This substance comes in use for scrubbing the lining of the gut and freeing it from parasites, toxins, and harmful bacteria.

Top Benefits of Using Mimosa Pudica Seeds

Even though the Mimosa pudica plant has been long-used by scientists and patients, its seeds are gaining a lot of prominence in terms of functional medicine protocols. The sticky gel created by exposing Mimosa pudica seeds to a liquid is useful for binding pathogens and toxins. The stick gel comprises of carbohydrate-derived compounds, xylose and glucuronic acid, which can be found in the seeds. The formation of the sticky gel also takes place when the seeds are consumed in their oral form. The mimosa pudica seeds in the capsule break down in the gut, absorb fluids, and swell up to create the same sticky gel.

  • The gut-scrubbing function of this stick gel-like substance is capable of pulling out the toxins, parasites, bacteria, heavy metals, and the biofilm (layer hiding the microbes). These unwanted elements are scrubbed off by the mimosa pudica seeds and eliminated via the stool to promote better gut health.
  • By getting rid of the harmful elements from the gut, mimosa pudica seeds are also instrumental in reducing the load on your human system.

Mimosa pudica seeds also have a plethora of benefits that go beyond binding the unwanted compounds in your gut system. For instance, these seeds are helpful for supporting structural health; they help in taking care of the connective tissues and cell membranes in your body. Remember, in case your body lacks the nutrients required for supporting and detoxifying your liver, then your whole body is likely to suffer. Given this, it’s recommended that you take care of the microbes in your gut at the earliest. Get ready to bring home the goodness of Mimosa pudica seeds today.

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