Gentle Wakeup – Get Up Gently without Any Stress

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Gentle Wakeup

How far do you believe that you need a loud noise of your alarm clock to wake you up? If you really believe this and so, have chosen a harsh noisy tone on your phone for alarm or have bought an alarm clock that makes a shrilling noise in the morning and you wake up suddenly and thank your phone or clock for that they wake you up even from deep sleep, you may get scared to hear a truth about the shock your alarm clock gives you to wake you up every morning. Scientists have proved that sudden awakening can raise your blood pressure and heart rate and be actually bad for your health.

Is there a solution for this? Fortunately, yes! A new amazing app named Gentle Wakeup is now available on Google Play and has been designed in such a way that it makes gentle sounds in the morning and slowly increases light. How does this help you?

Research says that during sleep, your body undergoes subtle changes. Especially in the later part of night, the general physiology of the body is less regulated, i.e. fluctuations in breathing, heart rate and blood pressure are more extreme than usual. In such a situation, when your alarm clock makes sudden harsh noise, your body just can’t cope. Alarms can also increase your stress levels in general. The sudden shriek of alarm clock stimulates the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response, raising your adrenaline levels.

Gentle Wakeup, by slowly increasing light and making gentle sounds that are natural and relaxing, allows your body to wake up, avoiding an increase in stress, blood pressure and heart rate.

Gentle Wakeup natural sounds

But Gentle Wakeup not only does the job of waking you up gently – it also helps you fall asleep creating a relaxed atmosphere that is favorable for sleeping, with natural sounds in the evening that slow down your breath and lull you to sleep. This not only helps you fall asleep faster, but also maintains the high quality of your sleep throughout the night. As a result, you feel fresh in the morning, due to total rest.

Gentle Wakeup total sleep

Gentle Wakeup offers a beautiful view of sunrise in which the sun changes its color slowly from red to yellow creating a realistic feel of morning.

All the sounds included in the app are various natural sounds or soft instrumental music. But if some particular musical piece makes you feel relaxed and can help you fall asleep without any stress, you can include it in the app.

And there are so many features Gentle Wakeup has for you. Why don’t you install the free app today and see for yourself?

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