Best Exercises That Burn The Most Fat

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dumbbells goblet squat at DumbbellsReviews.comAre you in search of an exercise/s that will help you lose most of your fat and will offer you lean and powerful muscles? Well, a lot of research is going on regarding finding new exercises or modifying existing exercises in such a way that they will be helpful to an optimum extent in increasing your strength and shedding all the excess fat from your body. The experience of individual health-lovers and exercise-pros also differ in this matter. If I say that dumbbell exercises are the best, you may say that walking or squats are the best exercises. But if we want to know about the best exercises, we should understand which of them have been proven to be helpful to the maximum level.


If you have not come across burpees so far, or know them but don’t know exactly what they are, let me tell you that they are a great form of exercise in losing fats in an efficient way. Moving quickly from a standing pose to a pushup and back again is called burpees. You might not believe that every muscle is worked out with this simple-looking exercise. Lots of your calories are burned, simultaneous with increasing your heart rate to sky high with burpees; needless to say that they are one of the best in burning fats fast.

However, such a great workout has a drawback. Burpee is not simple as it may seem. It is actually a complex set of movements like plank, hip-hinge, squat, pushup and jump. If you are not very good at any of these moves, for whatever reason like lack of strength, motor-control or mobility, you can never perform burpee.

But you need not be discouraged as there are lots of other exercises that will help you achieve fat loss outcomes you dream of.

Well, there are three main parameters for choosing workouts for metabolic conditioning. They are:

The workout should act on most of your body, particularly on shoulders and hips
It should be as low-skill and low-impact as possible
It should be safe to do for higher reps and should have shorter intervals

Actually movements should be easy to perform but should melt your face off at the same time. So, here we’ll see more ways that are simple and safe, yet effective in burning fats, even more than burpees.


Goblet Squat

Goblet squat is perhaps the best squat. Due to front loading of weight your trunk remains more upright, because of which the stress on your spine is taken away and your thighs are worked upon more.

Goblet squats are even safer and more accessible than barbell squats particularly for fat-loss program.

It’s easier to perform goblet squats with a dumbbell but you can perform them with a kettlebell too. You just have to stand and sit again and again. This is awesome for high reps and indeed taxes your core and shoulders.

dumbbells goblet squat at

Dumbbell or Barbell Muscle Snatch

Olympic lifts actually hit the highly metabolic backside muscles. However, they are difficult to learn too, barring muscle snatch. Muscle snatch is a modification of barbell snatch and is performed on the bar in a hanging position with your shin or knee, rather than on the floor. This reduces the range of movements and skips possible mobility problems.

Moreover, it has a combination of a high pull and overhead press, with no catch, where most form issues are experienced.

All you have to do is to stretch your hips, knees and ankles fully and achieve a full stand.

Other Olympic variations need you to jump with your feet out and squat down and catch the weight which produces serious mobility and stability demands that should be avoided when you are highly fatigued.

You can either do these with dumbbells or a barbell. Or you also can do them without load on the bar to first get your rhythm and then gradually load it up. 2-3 minutes of work periods or sets of 10-20 reps are lethal for your body fat.

dumbbells muscle snatch at


Dumbbell Skier Swing

Dumbbell skier swing has been found to enhance fitness and lose fat equal to that of running, but without the joint pain that arises out of running.

Moreover, it stimulates metabolism, builds muscles and works on the posterior chain. Most men want more flesh on their hamstrings, back and glutes and the swing can help them for just that.

If you prefer dumbbells, skier swing is recommendable for you.

What you need to do is keep your feet close together so that the weights can’t knock on your thighs. This also makes you move more towards buttocks and less at knees, which is actually what you need from a swing as it’s a fiery hip-hinge.

If you use kettlebells, the alternating hand swing is recommendable.

Shifting from one hand to another helps you swing constantly and for longer, a great means of fat loss.

Moreover, loading only one of your body’s sides at a time works more on your core and takes stress off from your spine.

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Adjustable Dumbbells  at

Box Squat Jump

Box squat jump comes under plyometric workouts that are excellent for stimulating your fast-twitch larger muscle fibers and burning fats; however, this impact may take its toll-over time, particularly if you are overweight.

Step into box squat jumps.

Sitting between reps is much kinder on your knees and cleans up mechanics of landing. The height of the box can also be adjusted according to your mobility and fitness.

Adjustable Dumbbell  at

Step-up Jump

Just like the box squat jump, step-up jump too offers a lower-impact aide to train your lower body and can crush fats at a tremendous speed.

Step-up jump is more butt-dominant than lunges, so they are kinder to your knees.

Moreover, glutes are the largest muscles in our body. However, overly sitting results in “saggy butt syndrome”. Therefore the more we can bring those glutes into working, the better.

Step-up Jump

Battle Rope Wave

You may be the most reluctant to do other exercises, but battle rope wave will attract you for exercise. This exercise doesn’t need you do a warmup; you can just start your favorite music, set an alarm and do it really fast.

It’s really easy on your lower joints and you can recover almost instantly!

You can work out for 10-20 seconds and rest for 40-50 seconds. But you can try variations and finally choose the one in which you can work the hardest with your back flat and abs crunched.

You will experience a fantastic muscle and heart pump!

Battle Rope Wave

Bear Crawl

You crawled in your childhood and if you do it in your adulthood, it has more benefits than you may think of. They enhance your breathing system and pelvic and rib positioning. They also offer more stability to your shoulders, wrists, hands and core. And of course, they strain your upper body and thighs, together creating a fat-burning fiesta!

If you want the best of both worlds, you can mix walking lunges and bear crawls. Actually bear crawls enhance your lunging process.

Lunge for 2 minutes and then bear crawl for 1 minute. That makes one round. Do up to 10 such rounds and that’s a 30-minute fat burner. The most amazing part of it is you can do it anywhere.

woman doing bear crawl

Walking Lunge

Walking lunges can be considered as the stability and strength version of walking. It can be done continuously since you move from side to side and you get a maximum stimulus for fat loss. The increased series of motions stimulates your thighs and hips better, and seriously increases your metabolism.

If you are serious on burning fat, you are recommended to end each of your exercise with walking lunges for 10 minutes.

Your hip mobility will be improved, strengthen your knees, burn fat and enhance your heart conditioning. It will also turn you into a better runner, jumper and squatter. And of course, mental health is an added bonus.

man doing walking lunge

Box Thruster

You might or mightn’t have heard of thrusters, which are a combo of workouts involving an overhead press to a squat. This move works your entire body and truly shoots your heart rate. But several people don’t have the right technique and mobility to do it correctly, and if above that you add high reps and small rest intervals, it can become downright dangerous. So, what is the solution?

You can get it done right by sitting on a bench or in a box. This will help you clean up the squat pattern without compromising on the fat burn. Also, you can perform this in combination with goblet squat.

Work for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. If this is one round, do 10 such rounds.

Most of the above exercises are done with dumbbells or can be done with dumbbells. Dumbbells are great tools for fat burning exercises and Donald at is an expert on dumbbells. He recommends adjustable dumbbells and proposes dumbbells as more advantageous than other free weights like barbells because dumbbells are more flexible and easier to use, for a variety of exercises, both for men and women. On his website you can read extremely useful articles on dumbbell exercises for fat burning and shaping your body, and reviews of various dumbbells available on the market. If you want to set off on your fat burning journey, you should have correct knowledge and you will get it on

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