Obesity and Diet Programs – Priority Is Health!

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While there are monsters like AIDS, cancer, and tumors to kill people, a simple-looking problem, called obesity, is dangerous enough in the long run, in terms of decreasing the quality of life and finally causing death. Everybody knows by now that obesity gives rise to many dangerous diseases, called atherosclerosis (thickening of arteries), heart trouble, hypertension, diabetes, joint pain, and many more. And therefore, it is very necessary to reduce the extra kilos from our body.

But the problem is many of the diet programs fail when we try to complete them; and ultimately they result into our previous round figure! So is there any way out to undergo a diet program successfully? Amongst the many diet programs available in the market today, a recently introduced 17 day diet program, by Dr. Mike Moreno, has got good reviews and the program is said to bring about weight loss safely, within just 17 days!

If you are planning to undergo a rapid diet program, remember that you have to have much patience and better you don’t undertake them! This is because, there is a lot of starvation included in such a crash diet program. A diet program, called lemonade diet, which the celebrities take up, is based on consuming nothing but lemonade! Hence, it also has got another name – starvation diet!

If you are not a celebrity, you need not take such drastic steps for your weight loss. Remember, your health is of prime importance, and not your slim figure, or sexy abs! So, what can you do? Firstly make a habit of choosing the right food for you! Meaning of this is, find out those foods which will impart your body only health, and not any junk! You will be amazed to know that, there are varieties of such items! If I list them here, this article cannot list them all! You agree that fruits and veggies are healthy and devoid of fats! And how many veggies and fruits do you know and can get in the market? Many, many, right? So you can bring variety to your meal, right by starting with them! Then you can combine veggies with meat! Lean meat is health-giving and devoid of calories. So you can take it once, twice or even thrice in a week! You can include cold water fish and salt water fish in your diet! They are excellent to increase your good cholesterol!

You may ask, what is the point in eating plain meat and fish? Are they going to taste well? They will taste just yuk! But, my dear friends, you will be happy to know that you are free to add as much spice to these two tasty food items and to veggies too. Spices like turmeric, garlic, pepper chili, onion, ginger and many others are excellent to improve your arterial, and thereby, cardiovascular health. You can fry them in a little dash of oil and add them to the meat or fish or veggies, and your utterly tasty dish is ready. Another tasty and healthy option is you can marinate the meat and fish with these spices and smoke them. No oil, no fats! And you can eat it as much as you want.

Some other healthy foods are brown rice, brown bread, yogurt, nuts, coffee, chocolate (yes, but should be eaten without sugar!), tofu, and many more! If you like fruit juices, you can include them in your daily diet. Thus, if you trigger your creativity a little, you can find out many such foods which are tasty, but are devoid of extra calories. They will make you full, but won’t allow your weight to increase.

And you can anytime try Dr. Moreno’s 17 day diet cycle, because its major advantage is it can be started anytime. It incorporates methods which you will find easy to adopt and will offer you fast weight loss.

Thus, some way or the other, bring down your weight! You can do that as there are innumerable healthy and safe ways like the 17-day diet of Dr. Moreno!

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